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Top ACT Courses in Cleveland, OH

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Top ACT Courses in Cleveland, OH

If you have a child who is applying for colleges, you probably already know how important it can be to take a college admissions exam such as the ACT. Many colleges across the country use students’ ACT scores as part of their admissions process. However, you probably also know that the test preparation process can be overwhelming for high school students. If you would like to get your child some help with studying, consider signing them up for a Cleveland ACT course. Veritas Prep can get you started with an ACT course to help them work towards their score goals.

The ACT is an exam that can be taken by students in the 11th and 12th grades who are getting ready to apply for colleges. The exam has four required sections including Mathematics, Science, Reading, and English. Additionally, there is an optional Writing section that consists of an essay. Some of the skills that are tested include geometry, algebra, reading comprehension, grammar, and problem-solving. After your child takes the exam, each section will be scored from 1 to 36 depending on how many correct answers they have. If they take the Writing section, it is scored from 2 to 12.

An academic advisor can help you sign your student up for a Cleveland ACT course that helps them figure out where they need to focus the most time studying. An ACT course can give you the necessary tools to study effectively. Courses are entirely online and have interactive on-demand video lessons that your child can access at their convenience. Veritas Prep’s Cleveland ACT courses also provide your child with live help when they have questions on practice problems. The live homework help feature allows your child to take advantage of the flexibility of online learning while also getting live help if they need it.

Also, when you sign them up for a Cleveland ACT course through Veritas Prep, they are given access to numerous helpful learning materials. They can use the ACT question bank, and the ACT lesson guidebooks. These materials can take your child’s ACT preparation to the next level.

Whether your child is thinking of attending local schools such as Cleveland State University, Case Western Reserve University, or the Cleveland Institute of Art, or they are planning on attending a school half-way across the country, getting a high score on the ACT could help them during the admissions process. Contact Veritas Prep to get them enrolled in a Cleveland ACT course today.

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