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Top ACT Courses in Akron, OH

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Top ACT Courses in Akron, OH

If you’re a high school student in Akron, Ohio, and you’re getting closer to graduation, thoughts of the University of Akron, Herzing University - Akron, Kent State University, and other area colleges and universities come to mind. Before you can go to those schools though, you’ll have to get accepted first. One of the steps you have to take for most colleges and universities is to include your score from the SAT or ACT in your application. If the ACT is part of your plan, you’ll want to prepare for this exam differently than you would if you were taking the SAT. Veritas Prep is here to help you with your study plan. We offer an Akron ACT course that can assist you in your preparation.

The ACT consists of four mandatory sections and another you can choose whether or not you want to take. You will have to get through a Reading section, an English section, a Math section, and a Science section. You should find out if the schools you want to apply to expect to see an ACT Writing score from you in your application before you sign up for the ACT. If you do take the Writing section, you get an extra 40 minutes and a separate standalone score on the ACT. The required sections are scored individually, but those scores are averaged together to come up with your ACT composite score.

Our Akron ACT course offers you the tools and resources you need to follow your own self-study regimen. We give you a lesson guidebook you can work through and corresponding ACT video lessons. These videos and the guidebook go in depth on the ACT, including the academic subjects you’ll need to know and the intricacies of each section. You can stream your video lessons whenever you want on any modern device with an Internet connection.

When you sign up for an Akron ACT course, you also gain access to our ACT Question Bank for practice problems, live homework help if you should get stuck trying to figure out the answers to problems in the bank, and a free college admissions consultation. We set you up with an admissions expert so they can tell you about putting together college applications properly.

To get started with our Akron ACT course, all you need to do is contact Veritas Prep. Academic advisors are standing by to help.

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