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Top ACT Classes in Toledo, OH

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Top ACT Classes in Toledo, OH

As you apply to college, you want every chance to stand out from the crowd. Schools such as Lourdes University or the University of Toledo may take your ACT score into consideration when looking at your application. A Toledo ACT class from Veritas Prep is a great way to build confidence and prepare for the ACT.

The ACT has four sections that are mandatory to complete. These sections are Reading, Science, English, and Math. All of the mandatory sections are multiple choice. Additionally, there is an optional Writing section that is in essay form. The mandatory sections are graded on a scale from 1 to 36, while the Writing section is scored from 2 to 12. Because the ACT is commonly taken by 11th and 12th-graders who are applying to college, the exam is intended to display a student’s readiness for a college academic environment. The exam includes such content areas as geometry, reading comprehension, and knowledge of English word usage and grammar. The ACT takes two hours and 55 minutes to complete without the Writing section, and three hours and 35 minutes to complete with the Writing section.

Combining the benefits of classroom learning with the convenience of online education, Toledo ACT classes take place in a virtual classroom. You and your classmates will hear live lectures from an instructor who scored well on the ACT. You are able to interact in real time, asking questions, discussing, and collaborating. This environment makes it possible for the instructor to adapt their teaching to the needs of the group. If the group is struggling in an area of the exam, Reading, for example, the instructor can demonstrate techniques or strategies to help the class better understand the material.

In addition to the classroom material, Toledo ACT classes offer resources for self-study outside of the classroom. These resources allow you to dive deeper into content areas that are tricky, familiarize yourself with the sorts of questions on the ACT, and broaden your understanding of key concepts. Also, you will have regular access to homework help. This live assistance can help with homework questions that are difficult and help keep you on track.

While ACT prep can seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be that way. Toledo ACT classes from Veritas Prep give you content and instruction to push your ACT prep to the next level. If you believe you could benefit from a Toledo ACT class, contact an academic advisor to register for a class today.

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