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Top ACT Classes in Stockton, CA

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Top ACT Classes in Stockton, CA

High school students in 11th and 12th grade often take college admissions exams like the ACT just before they begin submitting college applications. Whether you’d like to attend the University of the Pacific or Humphreys College Stockton, performing well on this exam can bolster your chances of gaining acceptance into top colleges. A strong performance begins with plenty of practice. Studying effectively and efficiently can make a world of difference in your testing results. Veritas Prep can help you sign up for a Stockton ACT class that can help you in your studying efforts.

The ACT has four required sections that all students must take: English, Science, Math, and Reading. You can score up to a 36 on each of these sections. There is an optional Writing section that offers between 2 and 12 points. The amount of time you have on the ACT depends on the version you choose to take. Without the Writing section, you have two hours and 55 minutes. With the Writing section, the exam takes three hours and 35 minutes to complete. Stockton ACT classes can serve as a valuable resource for focused and efficient test prep.

A Stockton ACT class is led by an instructor who has passed the ACT with flying colors. They’ve been in your shoes and understand the challenges that you face as you prepare for the test. Each class spans 30 hours over five weeks. They are held live in a virtual classroom alongside other students. Your instructor can answer your questions as they teach, review the concepts on the exam, and demonstrate testing strategies that can help you remain calm during the test. In addition, you can ask your instructor for help with your homework.

Alongside the features offered in your ACT class, you can have access to the self-study materials available to students on Veritas Prep. You can explore and test out comprehensive study plans that can be tweaked to suit your personal goals. There are practice tests, the ACT question bank, and downloadable advanced video lessons to dive into. When combined with the benefit of a live professional instructor, you can build your confidence and feel prepared by the day of the exam.

Put your best foot forward on the ACT. You can call or email Veritas Prep to get more information about signing up for Stockton ACT classes led by an excellent instructor. Combining unique study materials and resources can take your study sessions to a new level!

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