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Top ACT Classes in Scranton, PA

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Top ACT Classes in Scranton, PA

Scranton, Pennsylvania, is home to The University of Scranton and Marywood University, two colleges that are respected in the community. If you have a high school student who is preparing to enter schools such as those listed, or really any college in the country, they have probably also been talking about taking a college entrance exam like the ACT. However, taking a standardized test like the ACT can be a difficult process for many students. If your child is in need of some help with their test prep process, consider signing them up for a Scranton ACT class.

The ACT is one standardized college entrance exam that students may take during the 11th and 12th grade. The test helps colleges determine how ready a student is to enter college based on their scores. It has four required sections including Mathematics, Science, Reading, and English. Your child may also decide to take the optional Writing section as well. They will have 3 hours and 35 minutes to complete the ACT if they take the Writing portion and 2 hours and 55 minutes without the Writing section.

A Scranton ACT class is an excellent way to help your child develop effective and efficient study habits. Veritas Prep’s ACT classes take place in a virtual classroom with live instructors. The instructors from Veritas Prep are knowledgeable and have earned high scores on the exam. They are familiar with the format of the test, and they can share tips and study techniques to help your child succeed. Veritas Prep offers Scranton ACT classes at times that are convenient for your child. Classes run concurrently, so they can jump online and catch a class when it works for them. Also, your child will have access to these classes in HD on many devices such as phones, tablets, and computers.

If you sign your student up for an ACT class through Veritas Prep, they will also get access to many materials that can guide them through their self-study sessions. For instance, they can use the ACT lesson guidebooks, and ACT question bank. All of these online materials ensure that your child always has access to the ACT study materials that they need to study effectively.

If you are ready to get your child the help they need to reach for their goals on test day, contact Veritas Prep today. You can reach out to an academic advisor by phone or through the convenient contact form on this page.

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