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Top ACT Classes in San Antonio, TX

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Top ACT Classes in San Antonio, TX

The ACT is available to San Antonio’s high school students as an alternative college admissions exam. It is a standardized test accepted by schools around the country, making it just as easy to apply to a local school such as Trinity College as it is to an institution located outside of the state. If you have been looking into ways to prepare for the exam, a San Antonio ACT class may be for you. If so, Veritas Prep can help you find one that fits into your busy schedule.

There’s a total of five sections on the ACT: English, Reading, Math, Science, and Writing. The first four consist of multiple-choice items on the stated subject, but certain questions may cross content areas. For instance, some of the Science questions may require you to work with numbers. Each multiple-choice section is scored individually on a 1-36 scale, and you have a total of two hours and 55 minutes to finish all of them.

The ACT’s Writing component is an optional essay. Some students are tempted to skip it because they can, but understand that some colleges and universities require its inclusion in applications. If you decide to write the essay, you have 40 minutes to compose it. It’s scored on a scale from 2-12.

Our San Antonio ACT classes are taught by passionate instructors who earned a top score on the test, making them an excellent source for information regarding the exam’s formatting and content. All instruction takes place live in our innovative online classroom, allowing you to receive help in real time as needed. You can also interact with your fellow students on our platform, so you can help each other if anybody gets stuck.

We understand how busy a high school student’s schedule can get, so we offer multiple San Antonio ACT classes concurrently to make it easier to find one that suits you. Every class also includes access to our self-study course materials. You can access guidebooks, interactive lessons, and other test prep materials on your favorite mobile device for added convenience. You can even pause a video on one platform and resume it on another for added flexibility!

A strong score on a test like the ACT can help you get into your first-choice school, and a Veritas Prep San Antonio ACT class could be the first step toward getting a good score. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of our classes, please reach out to an academic advisor using the contact info below for all of the details!

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