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Top ACT Classes in Rochester, NY

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Top ACT Classes in Rochester, NY

Rochester, located in western New York State on Lake Ontario, is the home of respected schools including the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology. Admissions offices look at ACT test scores as part of the application process. If you want to get into these schools, it’s important to get prepared for an exam such as the ACT. For help with preparation, sign up for a Rochester ACT class. An academic advisor at Veritas Prep can provide you with more information on how an ACT class can help, so feel free to get in touch with one of our professionals.

The ACT is a leading college admissions test used throughout the United States. It measures everything you have learned in high school to provide insights into whether you’re prepared to take on college-level material. The ACT is divided up into four required sections - English, Math, Reading, and Science, each scored separately in a range from 1-36. There is also an optional Writing section with a score from 2-12 that measures writing skills at a high school and entry-level college level. With the four required sections, you are allotted 2 hours and 55 minutes to complete the exam. If you complete the Writing section, you can take up to 3 hours and 35 minutes.

A Rochester ACT class provides the opportunity to improve your test preparation process in a virtual classroom setting. Live instructors, who have earned top scores on the exam, guide you with the vast amount of knowledge they have on the ACT. They can answer your questions, provide tips and strategies, and cover the sections and content of the test in detail. Classes are available through Veritas Prep at different times to match your schedule, while multiple concurrent sessions enable you to pick the most convenient option to take full advantage of our Rochester ACT class.

If you choose the ACT class over our self-study program, you get the same online tools including live homework help and on-demand video lessons. Veritas Prep has included a comprehensive set of resources so you can improve your potential on the exam. You will also have many opportunities to interact with your professor and peers, meaning help is always available.

Maximize your potential by signing up for a Rochester ACT class today. Talk to an academic advisor at Veritas Prep online or by phone to see how it can help you reach for your goals. To get started, contact us today.

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