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Top ACT Classes in Raleigh, NC

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Top ACT Classes in Raleigh, NC

If you’re like most high school students, you plan to pursue additional education upon graduation. One way to increase your chances of earning acceptance to the post-secondary institution of your choice is to pass the ACT with the best score you can. It’s a good idea to make studying for the ACT a high priority. An expert academic advisor at Veritas Prep can help you learn how a Raleigh ACT class can help you reach for your goals.

Most colleges and universities in the US, including Raleigh area institutions like Duke University and the University of North Carolina, accept ACT scores as one piece of an applicant’s portfolio. It can provide information on a high school student’s preparedness to be successful in college-level studies. The exam consists of sections in English, Reading, Science, and Math, each of which has a maximum score of 36. The optional writing section earns a score of 2-12. Students are allowed 2 hours and 55 minutes to complete the first four sections, and an additional 40 minutes if they choose to complete the writing section. The maximum possible composite score of required sections is 36.

Participating in a Raleigh ACT class is an excellent way to make the most of your ACT study time. Veritas Prep’s virtual ACT classes gives students a 5-week course taught by live instructors who have earned top scores on the ACT. During class, you can interact with the instructors and fellow students. The instructor will deliver comprehensive coverage of all ACT content, as well as test-taking tips and strategies that you might not learn without an instructor familiar with the ACT.

Veritas Prep holds multiple, concurrent sections of the Raleigh ACT class so you can choose the one that works best with your schedule. We want every student, no matter how busy, to experience the benefits of attending our virtual, online ACT classes.

If you plan to spend more than 25 hours studying for the ACT, as many students do, we’ve got you covered. Once you sign up for the virtual ACT class, Veritas Prep offers a variety of additional resources, including interactive video lessons, practice tests to gauge your continuing improvement, and access to live homework assistance from any location you choose. By giving you access to carefully chosen study supplements, Veritas Prep can help you feel confident that you’ll be able to achieve your exam potential on test day.

Give yourself every opportunity to prepare well for your ACT exam. Contact a Veritas Prep academic advisor today to get started with your Raleigh ACT class.

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