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Top ACT Classes in Palm Bay, FL

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Top ACT Classes in Palm Bay, FL

Doing well on the ACT exam is one way you can show the admissions committees of the colleges or universities you plan to apply to that you’re prepared to succeed at college-level work. While not all post-secondary institutions require applicants to submit ACT scores, most schools accept them and may consider them as one of the items in your application when they make acceptance decisions. Veritas Prep offers a number of study options for students who wish to excel on their ACT, including virtual Palm Bay ACT classes you can attend online from anywhere.

The ACT exam is made up of four multiple-choice sections, which are English, Reading, Math, and Science. An additional, optional Writing section, in which students write an essay response to a prompt provided for them, is available. Each multiple-choice section has a maximum score of 36, and students also receive a composite score of up to 36 for the whole test. The Writing section is scored separately, on a scale of 2 through 12, and is not included in the composite score. Students are allowed 2 hours and 55 minutes for the first four sections, and another 40 minutes for the Writing section.

If you enjoy studying in a classroom setting, Veritas Prep’s Palm Bay ACT classes might be just what you need. These are classes you attend through the Internet, with a live instructor who scored highly on the ACT themselves. The instructor will provide comprehensive coverage of all ACT content, along with test-taking strategies that you might not learn without an instructor familiar with the ACT. You have the option to interact with not only the instructor during classes, but with your peers, as well.

Veritas Prep concurrently runs multiple sections of the Palm Bay ACT classes, so you can sign up for the one that best fits in your schedule. In addition, Veritas Prep provides you with interactive, recorded lectures you can view on demand, along with practice tests and study guidebooks to supplement your class time. These resources allow you to boost your individual practice time with content you would like to work on to gain a more thorough understanding. With this carefully procured set of study aids, you can take as much time as you need to feel confident in your ability to maximize your potential on test day.

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