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Top ACT Classes in Omaha, NE

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Top ACT Classes in Omaha, NE

The ACT is a standardized test commonly used to assess a student’s readiness for a college academic environment. Scoring well on the ACT can have positive effects on your application at schools such as the University of Nebraska - Omaha or Creighton University. Veritas Prep offers Omaha ACT classes for the purpose of giving you the tools and learning environment to do your best in preparing for the ACT.

The ACT tests abilities such as reading comprehension, knowledge of English grammar and usage, geometry, and problem-solving. The test divides into four main required sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science. It also gives you the option to undertake an optional Writing section. The main sections of the ACT are multiple choice and are scored from 1 to 36. The Writing section is scored from 2 to 12.

Omaha ACT classes take place in a virtual classroom that allows for collaborative learning along with the flexibility of web-based education. Classes run for five weeks and include 30 hours of instructional time. The instructors in Omaha ACT classes have received excellent scores on the ACT and are knowledgeable in both the content areas and the specific test-taking challenges of the ACT. The virtual classroom allows for live lectures, peer to peer interaction, and instructor flexibility. If the class has lots of questions about the Science section, for example, the instructor can lead the class through practice problems, or spend more time going over some of the difficult aspects of the content for the class.

In addition to stellar class time instruction, Omaha ACT classes provide numerous supplementary materials. These materials allow for beneficial self-study and a deeper understanding of the test content. Some of the included materials are lesson books and sample question banks. Omaha ACT classes give access to regular live homework help. Even when not in class, you can receive the help you need in challenging areas of content. These supplementary materials help you to make the most of your time in your Omaha ACT class.

In today’s competitive college application climate, every edge counts. An Omaha ACT class from Veritas Prep can prepare you to take the ACT with greater confidence and knowledge of the material. If you believe you would benefit from the ease of online learning, intensive instruction, and collaborative atmosphere of an Omaha ACT class, contact a Veritas Prep academic advisor online or over the phone. They can connect you to a class at a time that fits your needs.

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