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Top ACT Classes in Oklahoma City, OK

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Top ACT Classes in Oklahoma City, OK

The ACT is one of the two primary college admissions exams along with the SAT. Veritas Prep can provide you with Oklahoma City ACT classes that can help you hone your skills before the exam to improve your applications for Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City and Oklahoma City University, or a far off school you dream about attending. If you can do well on the exam, you could raise your stature with college admissions offices.

The ACT is 3 hours and 35 minutes if you take the optional Writing section. The ACT has required sections, including a Science section, an English section, a Reading section, and a Mathematics sections. Each of these sections earns a grade from 1 to 36. The Writing section earns a score from 2 to 12. Most high school students take the ACT as juniors or seniors. If a student opts only for the required sections, the test lasts for 2 hours and 55 minutes.

An Oklahoma City ACT class allows you to learn in a virtual classroom with a live instructor who earned a high score on the ACT, along with other students. Class sessions take place for five weeks, giving student 30 hours of class time. There are several Oklahoma City ACT classes offered concurrently, so you pick the section that meets at a convenient time for you. Thanks to the virtual online classroom, you’ll get to learn with other students and will have the opportunity to speak back and forth with your instructor. Your teacher can go over the material you’ll see on the exam as well as timing and formats of each section.

Oklahoma City ACT classes also come with a valuable set of self-study tools. These include interactive on-demand video lessons, study guides, and more. Each of these tools gives you the chance to study at your own pace on your own time, whether you need to develop stronger test-taking strategies or drill on certain academic topics. You can also access live homework help regularly. These tools let you work on any device at any time.

If you want to walk into the ACT with confidence, an Oklahoma City ACT class is a great option. Veritas Prep provides you with the resources and instruction you need from skilled teachers who have succeeded on the ACT. Contact one of our academic advisors today online or by calling us to learn more about class times and how you can register for an effective Oklahoma City ACT class.

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