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Top ACT Classes in New Orleans, LA

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Top ACT Classes in New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, Louisiana, is home to upstanding colleges like the University of New Orleans and Xavier University of Louisiana. If you want to attend college, you’ll have to get a high score on an exam like the ACT. Veritas Prep can assist you with your collegiate ambitions with a New Orleans ACT class. Contact us for more info.

The ACT is an exam that 11th- and 12th-grade pupils take to boost their chances of enrollment in a desired post-secondary institution. The ACT has a total of 216 questions with one being the optional Writing section, 60 Math questions, 40 Reading questions, 40 Science questions, and 75 English questions. It also covers disciplines like rhetorical skills, geometry, natural sciences, algebra, and humanities. The four required sections possess multiple-choice questions, and you’ll earn 1 to 36 points on each section. The Writing section contains a prompt where you need to read three perspectives and then analyze them. You’ll get 2 to 12 points on it.

New Orleans ACT classes give you an educational and convenient learning experience. They feature online classrooms with 25 hours of instruction that go on for five weeks. The instructors in these classes took the ACT and received high scores. Because they have first-hand experience with the exam, they can give you some test-taking pointers as well as answer your questions. You can also meet and hold discussions with fellow students. And, there’s no better way to practice for the real test than to work with practice exams. The teachers administer them under realistic situations to give you a taste of what to expect on the day of the exam. Are you busy with a job or other responsibility? You don’t need to fret about tardiness or missing any lessons since they run at various times to suit your personal life.

A New Orleans ACT class even provides study guides, lesson books, and other great learning tools for you. They assist in familiarizing you with the test’s format. These materials happen to be digital, so you can save them on your mobile device to access them on the go or in your bedroom.

By preparing for the ACT, you might not only have a better chance of doing well; you may also show a prospective school that you are ready to tackle term papers and other college-level assignments. To find out more about New Orleans ACT classes, please phone or reach out online to academic advisors at Veritas Prep today.

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