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Top ACT Classes in Milwaukee, WI

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Top ACT Classes in Milwaukee, WI

Marquette, UW-Milwaukee, the Milwaukee School of Engineering, and others help make Milwaukee a great place for students to seek out undergraduate degrees. High school juniors and seniors in the Milwaukee area think about continuing their education at these schools as well as some colleges and universities in other parts of the country. No matter which school they ultimately decide on, they will first need to earn admission. One of the things that students have to provide to most schools in their college applications is a college admissions exam score. The ACT, along with the SAT, is one of the main tests students can take to accomplish this. To reach for the score you want on the ACT, you’ll have to prepare properly. Veritas Prep can help you by signing you up for one of our Milwaukee ACT classes. Talk to the academic advisors at Veritas Prep or keep reading to find out more.

When students sit for the ACT, they will need to get through the required sections of Science, Reading, Math, and English. There is also a Writing section that is optional. The required sections of the ACT each earn scores on a scale of 1 to 36, and those scores are then combined and averaged for a final ACT composite score between 1 and 36. The ACT Writing section earns a separate score between 2 and 12. If students take the ACT Plus Writing, they get 3 hours and 35 minutes to complete the exam. Otherwise, they will have 2 hours and 55 minutes.

Milwaukee ACT classes are a great way for students to prepare in a comfortable and familiar environment. Classes take place in an online virtual classroom mimicking the traditional classroom experience, complete with an instructor and classmates that you can communicate with through the online portal. Over the course of 5 weeks, you will spend 25 hours in the classroom learning the details of the ACT and the academic topics it covers. You can also develop test-taking and time management strategies that are specific to the ACT.

We offer several sections of Milwaukee ACT classes so that you can pick the one that meets when it’s most convenient for you. We also provide you with a number of online self-study materials such as on-demand videos and practice questions so you can keep studying outside of class.

To get started in a Milwaukee ACT class, reach out to the academic advisors at Veritas Prep right now.

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