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Top ACT Classes in Knoxville, TN

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Top ACT Classes in Knoxville, TN

As high school students prepare to apply for undergraduate programs around the country, many factors come into play. One factor that can carry a lot of weight with admissions offices is a high score on the ACT, which is designed to test college readiness. Whether you are looking to attend a local school like the University of Tennessee, or leaving the area to pursue your degree elsewhere, succeeding on the ACT can boost your chances at acceptance. If this is your first experience with this type of comprehensive exam, you may find the process challenging and be looking for some assistance. Veritas Prep is here to help by offering Knoxville ACT classes.

Standardized exams are typically broken up into sections. The ACT has four required sections, Science, Reading, Math, and English, that are all made up of multiple-choice questions. Each of these sections is given a score on a scale ranging from 1 to 36. Students are given 2 hours and 55 minutes to finish the exam unless they opt to complete the optional Writing section. That section asks test-takers to compose an essay and adds 40 minutes to the total test time. The composition of the essay is graded on a scale from 2 to 12.

Academic advisors with Veritas Prep can get you signed up for a Knoxville ACT class that combines the structure of classroom instruction with the flexibility to work on your own. The core of these classes consists of 25 hours in a virtual classroom over a time period of five weeks. These classes are led by expert instructors who have experience taking the ACT themselves and scoring in a high percentile. Instructors will go over all of the material you need to know, while also sharing test-taking strategies they have used to success.

A variety of supplementary study materials are also available to individuals who take part in a Knoxville ACT class. Students can work through a bank of sample questions at their own convenience and download or stream interactive video lessons wherever they have access to the internet. If you find yourself having trouble with any of the example problems, instructors are available to provide regular online homework help.

Multiple sessions of these Knoxville ACT classes run concurrently so that you can choose the one that fits into your schedule. If this could help you head into exam day with confidence, fill out the online form or contact an academic advisor by phone today.

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