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Top ACT Classes in Jackson, MS

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Top ACT Classes in Jackson, MS

High schoolers in the Jackson, Mississippi, area have the option of taking the ACT to fulfill the standardized testing requirement on their college applications. The ACT is a high-stakes exam accepted by colleges and universities nationwide, providing the convenience of using one score to apply to local schools such as Belhaven University as well as institutions located outside of the state. If you’re looking for expert help with your test prep, Veritas Prep offers comprehensive Jackson ACT classes.

The ACT has a total of five sections: Science, Reading, Math, English, and an optional Writing prompt. The Science section emphasizes the natural sciences, such as human anatomy and biology. Our Jackson ACT class provides in-depth info on what you’ll need to know for the exam to help enhance your study efficiency.

The ACT’s Reading section measures your reading comprehension skills. Passages are drawn from a variety of sources (history, science, poetry, fiction, etc.), but you do not need any prior knowledge to answer the questions. If you could retain more of what you read, our Jackson ACT class covers active reading techniques to make it easier to remember the most important points.

The ACT’s Mathematics section allows the use of an approved calculator throughout, but using it to double-check every answer may not leave you with enough time for every question. Your instructor will have personally earned a top score on the test, making them a valuable source of time management tips should you need them. All instruction takes place in our innovative online classroom, so asking for help is also as easy as raising your digital hand.

The ACT’s English section covers topics such as vocab, grammar, and sentence completions. Your instructor may stress the errors or key points within a sentence to make them easier to spot, helping you identify where the information you need may be hiding.

Finally, the ACT’s Writing section is completely optional. That said, some schools may require students to submit a Writing score in order for their applications to be considered. Our Jackson ACT class covers outlining techniques to help you quickly organize your thoughts and approach your essay with a plan, very important when you consider that you only have 40 minutes to compose your essay.

If you’re ready to take your test prep to the next level, a Jackson ACT class from Veritas Prep can help you reach for your academic goals. Please contact an academic advisor using the information provided on this page for all of the details!

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