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Top ACT Classes in Grand Rapids, MI

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Top ACT Classes in Grand Rapids, MI

If you are currently attending high school and are interested in attending a college or university in the Grand Rapids area, such as Grand Valley State University, Davenport University, or Western Michigan University, you may need to do well on the ACT. The ACT is used by a lot of colleges and universities as a part of their admissions process. As such, it can be very beneficial to achieve a high score on this exam. But one does not simply take the ACT. The challenging nature of the exam means that it takes a lot of study time and preparation to achieve your best possible score. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the preparation process, you should contact Veritas Prep to sign up for a Grand Rapids ACT class.

The ACT is typically taken in either 11th or 12th grade. The exam is made up of five sections, including Writing, Reading, Science, Math, and English. The Reading, Science, Math, and English sections are graded between 1 and 36 points while the Writing section is graded between 2 and 12 points. The Writing section is considered optional. If students decide to do the Writing section, they will receive 3 hours and 35 minutes to finish their exam. If they elect not to do that section, they will receive 2 hours and 55 minutes to finish the test.

A Grand Rapids ACT class can be a useful tool in terms of improving your readiness for the exam. ACT classes through Veritas Prep offer students 25 hours of study time over a period of five weeks. Our Grand Rapids ACT classes take place online and they are offered at various points throughout the day. This ensures that even students who have jobs or other extracurricular activities can fit studying into their schedules.

Each ACT class is taught by an instructor who has previously demonstrated their ability to score well on the exam. As such, they are qualified to help students learn more about the kinds of material that may be on the exam and to provide tips that may be useful when it comes to tackling the test.

In addition to live instruction, our Grand Rapids ACT classes offer access to supplemental material that allows students to study on their own. This material can be accessed at any point throughout the day so that students can study whenever they would like.

If you are looking for assistance as you prepare for the ACT, contact Veritas Prep either through the phone or online.

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