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Top ACT Classes in Columbus, OH

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Top ACT Classes in Columbus, OH

Juniors and seniors at Columbus, Ohio high schools think about attending colleges like The Ohio State University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Otterbein University, and others in Columbus and surrounding areas. Some students may also think about schools in other states. Regardless, before students can attend a college, they first need to get accepted. Most four-year colleges and universities require students to include a college admissions exam score in their applications. One test you can take to fulfill this requirement is the ACT. As you might expect, preparing to the best of your abilities could be important. Veritas Prep can help you on this front by setting you up in a Columbus ACT class.

The ACT is broken out into four main sections. There’s a Reading section, a Mathematics section, an English section, and a section on Science. These sections are all required, though is an additional Writing section that is optional. Check with the schools you would like to attend to see if they want to see an ACT Writing score in your application. You will earn a composite score between 1 and 36 on the required sections of the ACT. If you take the Writing section, you will get a separate score ranging from 2 to 12.

Our Columbus ACT classes let you study for the exam in an environment that is similar to the familiar classroom atmosphere. You can log in from home or anywhere else you can get online to a virtual online classroom where you can communicate with your instructor and your classmates. Your instructor is an expert on the ACT, earning a top score on the exam themselves. Through a 5-week long class, you’ll cover the material on the ACT in depth.

We offer several sections of our Columbus ACT class, so you can sign up for the section that meets at a time when you can study. Also, when you take a class, Veritas Prep will grant you access to our valuable self-study tools. You’ll get on-demand video lessons, a lesson guidebook, and plenty of practice problems from our ACT Question Bank. If you can’t solve a practice problem, jump into our regularly scheduled homework help to have an instructor show you how to solve it.

If you’re ready to get signed up for a Columbus ACT class, reach out to the academic advisors at Veritas Prep today. Advisors are standing by online and via phone.

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