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Top ACT Classes in Columbia, SC

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Top ACT Classes in Columbia, SC

Are you thinking about attending the University of South Carolina or another college one day? Your school may offer the ACT exam, a test many colleges use as a factor in the admissions process. If you’re a little worried about taking the test, we at Veritas Prep can help you by offering a Columbia ACT class. Contact us to find out more about how it can assist you in maximizing your test-taking performance.

The American College Test, or the ACT for short, is a standardized exam high school juniors and seniors take to pursue acceptance to their school of choice. The ACT is comprised of four multiple-choice sections: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. The test covers geometry, algebra, problem-solving, grammar, and reading comprehension. This exam also has an Essay section, which a student can choose to do even though it’s not required. A pupil will receive a score ranging between 1 to 36 on the multiple-choice questions. On the Essay section, they’ll receive a score between 2 to 12. Pupils have three hours and thirty-five minutes to finish the exam.

A Veritas Prep Columbia ACT class consists of 25 hours of study over a period of five weeks. It takes place online, which enables you to partake in lessons anywhere with an Internet connection. Lessons are conducted by instructors who earned high scores on the ACT, and there’s nothing better than being taught by someone who has been in your shoes. They’re open to going over sections you’re struggling with and answering any questions you have. If you’re busy with responsibilities like extracurricular activities, volunteer work, or a job, that’s perfectly alright. You don’t have to give up what’s important to you since the classes are offered at various times. A great thing about a Columbia ACT class is that it utilizes a “Learning by Doing” approach. In other words, it gives you a taste of what to expect on test day so that you would be prepared to face the exam.

Additionally, you receive supplementary learning materials in the form of video lessons and live homework help. They help you understand the layout and timing of the ACT. These learning tools are available online, so you can study them in the morning, at night, or in the afternoon.

Whatever school you’re planning to attend, we at Veritas Prep hope that you’d benefit with a Columbia ACT class. To find out more about this program, please contact an academic advisor by email or phone today.

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