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Top ACT Classes in Boise, ID

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Top ACT Classes in Boise, ID

If you are nearing the end of your high school career, you have probably already started considering what you will do next. Like many other students in and around Boise, Idaho, you may feel that continuing your education through a college or university is the best choice for you. If so, you will most likely take a college entrance exam, such as the ACT. This standardized test is one of the tools used by many universities across the country to evaluate potential candidates. So whether you want to study close to home at Boise State University, branch out to another area of Idaho, or attend college in an entirely different state, the score you receive on the ACT could impact whether you gain admittance to your preferred program. Veritas Prep is here to help you prepare for this exam with the help of our Boise City ACT classes.

The first step in preparing for any task is knowing exactly what you are up against. The ACT is a primarily multiple-choice, standardized exam that will evaluate your proficiency in four main areas. The English portion of the exam has the highest number of questions, seventy-five, that must be completed in forty-five minutes. The Reading and Science sections will both have forty questions that must be answered in thirty-five minutes. And lastly, there is the Mathematics section. This portion of the exam averages one minute per question with sixty questions in sixty minutes. Writing is another area on the ACT, but this section is optional. If you decide to complete this section, you will receive one writing prompt to respond to within forty minutes.

As you can see, the ACT covers a wide range of information and is rather lengthy. This is why it is important to prepare if you want to perform your best on test day. But why face such a daunting task on your own? Let Veritas Prep provide you with study-tools and support by signing up for our Boise City ACT class.

All of our classes are taught by live instructors in an online setting. Because they are live, students are able to interact directly with the instructor and fellow students if they need further clarification or assistance on a particular section or strategy. With the classes being held in a virtual classroom, students have the freedom to attend in whichever location is most convenient for them, with the use of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. There are also different class-time options to choose from, so our Boise City ACT classes can best fit within your study-schedule.

At Veritas Prep, we want every student to succeed. That is why we developed the Boise City ACT class. We want to help students in your area improve their test-taking abilities and arrive on test day feeling confident and prepared. So instead of just planning for your future, start preparing for it. Contact Veritas Prep today and learn why our ACT class is right for you.

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