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Top ACT Classes in Austin, TX

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Top ACT Classes in Austin, TX

If you’re a high school student with dreams of becoming a student at the University of Texas, you likely already have an inkling of how important the ACT will be in your future. The ACT score is often used as a portion of major universities’ admissions process, and a high ACT score can be the thing that pushes you over the top toward acceptance, whether your hopes involve staying in Austin for college or attending a university outside of the Lone Star State. If you think you could use some help with preparing for the ACT, an Austin ACT class through Veritas Prep is a great way to get started.

The ACT is the preferred test for college admissions at most major Midwestern universities, and it consists of four critical areas: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. These sections are all multiple-choice, and an optional Writing section exists to give students a chance to display those skills by responding to a prompt. The ACT score will be anywhere from 1 to 36, with the highest numbers representing the highest scores, while the writing prompt will garner a score between 2 and 12.

If any of those worry you, there’s no need to panic. During your Austin ACT class, you’ll have the ability to focus on the areas that concern you the most about the ACT through regular class sessions with an instructor who got a high score on his or her own ACTs. During each class, you’ll be able to ask questions and interact with the class, helping prepare you for the test. After you’ve completed your sessions, you’ll know exactly how to approach the test on the big day.

Plus, when you get started with your Austin ACT class, you’ll get all the materials you need to help you study on your own time. Along with interactive video lessons that you can view on your schedule, you’ll get guidebooks that give you some basic information and study tips on each section, homework guides, and even a detailed lesson plan, allowing you to stay on top of the material and understand what you need to do in order to work toward the score you desire.

Whether you’re harboring hopes of becoming part of Texas’ next freshman class or have your eye on another college, your Austin ACT class will help you gain the information you need to make your desired score a reachable goal. If you’re ready to start preparing to get the right ACT score for your college plans, Veritas Prep is the best way to begin. Call our academic advisors to get started today!

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