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Top ACT Classes in Augusta, GA

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Top ACT Classes in Augusta, GA

College options in Augusta, Georgia and surrounding areas include Augusta University, Paine College, and the University of South Carolina-Aiken in nearby Aiken, South Carolina. If you are a high school student in Augusta who is hoping to attend a four-year college after graduation, you might be thinking about one of these schools, or perhaps you have your sights set on a college in another part of the country. Regardless, most schools require you to include your score from a college admissions exam as part of your college application package. One test you can take to satisfy this requirement in the ACT. If the ACT is in your future, you’ll want to make sure you have a solid test prep plan in place. Veritas Prep can assist you on this front by signing you up for Augusta ACT classes. Academic advisors are ready to standing by to tell you more, or keep on reading below.

During the ACT, you’ll be tested on your capabilities in Reading, Math, English, and Science. These required sections each earn a score of 1 to 36, and those scores are then averaged together for a 1 to 36 composite ACT score. There is also a Writing section on the ACT, but you do not have to take it unless a school you’d like to apply to expects to see it. Make sure you know if you should take the Writing section before you sign up to take the test. The Writing section gives you extra time on the test and your score, ranging between 2 and 12, stands separately from your composite ACT score.

Augusta ACT classes allow you to study with an instructor and a group of classmates in our innovative online classroom. Log into class from home or somewhere else with an Internet connection when class starts. You’ll have 25 hours of class time over 5 weeks, where your instructor can cover the academic subjects on the ACT in depth. You’ll also get tips and strategies for getting the most out of each section of the test. Your instructor earned a top score on the ACT, so they can share insight into how to perform at the best of your abilities.

Augusta ACT classes come in several sections. Sign up for the one that matches your schedule best, and we’ll give you access to our popular self-study resources as well. To get signed up for an Augusta ACT class, contact Veritas Prep today.

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