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A Guide to Writing for College by Veritas Prep

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A Guide to Writing for College by Veritas Prep

Writing involves the physical act of marking words on paper. Writers can create coherent and incoherent composition. Writing heralds as the primary basis upon which people work and learn. Other people judge an individual’s intellect based on their ability to write. Writing serves as an outlet for people to express themselves as individuals. It communicates the chaos ruminating in our minds. Writing enables people to organize facts from opinions without getting confused. It also allows the writer to inject his or own personal views to influence the readership. All of these reasons show the importance of writing, especially when one harnesses effective strategy to communicate clearly.

The Writing Process

Follow these resources to improve your writing skills:
  • The Writing Process: Prewriting: A webpage describing the steps of the prewriting process, including thinking, questioning, freewriting, listing, clustering, and outlining the basic ideas of any major writing assignment.
  • Handout: Pre-Writing Techniques: An extensive document providing a closer look at effective pre-writing strategies.
Thesis, Analysis & Structure
  • Smart Revision Strategies: An educational webpage providing strategies for revising drafts for space, content, tone, grammar and mechanics.
  • What is Revision?: A brief introduction to the importance of revision in the writing process.
  • Revision Myths: An extensive document that debunks myths that great writers simply hunch over a typewriter and finish their final copy without revising.
  • Revising the Draft: A reference webpage that defines revision, its steps, and specific examples to make the final draft standout from its original.
Grammar and Mechanics
Research Papers
  • Citing Sources in Research Papers: MIT provides an all-inclusive webpage full of citation manuals for research papers, including APA, MLA, Chicago, and other styles.
Online Writing Lab

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