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An obsessive focus on quality

We created the blueprint for Veritas Prep in 2001 while we were students at Yale University. The founding principles of Veritas Prep have endured since its inception: to provide the world’s highest quality test preparation and admissions consulting services to the most ambitious students applying to the world’s most selective universities.

Drawing on Chad’s victory in Yale’s business plan competition, we won a similar statewide event and eventually placed third in the world’s largest student business plan competition. Our success in competitions likely flowed from our singular focus on the quality of our services, rather than on how to generate a huge payday for investors.

On July 1, 2002, we transitioned from roommates to business partners. Launching Veritas Prep from our apartment in New Haven, Connecticut, we had no employees and survived on a budget that consisted of the winnings from the business plan competitions and our own savings (about six months of Ramen noodles and cheap whiskey).

A passion for teaching

The only guiding principle for the original curriculum we wrote back in 2002 was “What would the ideal test prep course look like?” As a result, our program was nearly three times longer than the one offered by our largest competitor. From the first day to today, all Veritas Prep instructors have earned official scores above the 99th percentile of all test takers. Our primary competitors didn’t even require their instructors to have taken an official test for the exam they were hired to teach (the largest still doesn’t). Our thorough curriculum attracted the most ambitious students, which in turn attracted brilliant, caring instructors, and we personally screened and trained every one of them. Above all the degrees, brains, and test taking acumen, the one question we asked ourselves above everything else before deploying an instructor was “Is he or she an amazing teacher?” We only employed instructors whose true passion lay in teaching, engaging, and inspiring their students.

We also constructed our practice tests, homework problems, and student support with the same mindset: focus only on the highest possible quality. The same went for our admissions consulting services – we pioneered the Specialist/Head Consultant model, where each Head Consultants actually served on the admissions committee of a top tier program and your Specialists had attended the schools to which you were applying. That formula proved to be popular with students, and today we are the nation’s largest privately held test prep and admissions consulting company.

Your success motivates us

More than 300,000 students later, we are no longer a two-person firm. Nevertheless, every person that has joined our team has shared our “students first” philosophy. Everyone at Veritas Prep is consumed with student score improvements and acceptance rates. Our internal quarterly reports and company wide meetings focus on the feedback and reviews we collect from each of our students. Our employees’ bonuses are based on client satisfaction. Almost daily, we forward student success stories to our entire staff and celebrate. We love our jobs so much because we get to positively transform the lives of our students.

We can always improve

We are never fully satisfied, and we continue to work hard to improve everything we do at Veritas Prep. During your engagement with us, you will periodically log into your student account and find upgrades with new features that further enhance your experience.

We are here for you!

We are here for you!We are here for you!