Lawrence Park, Attending Wharton

My Veritas Consultant was extremely personable and of enormous help to me. I went into great depth about my life story with her, and I felt that I could share my personal ideas without ever being judged. Because of this, she got to know me on a personal as well as professional level - this proved to be of key importance during our work with the essays. She provided me with insight in terms of what the admissions teams from different schools were expecting. Because of her knowledge and experience from the admissions committee’s standpoint, she was especially insightful. She helped me shape my essays by highlighting what should be emphasized and what should be left out. Because she knows the other side of the process so well, she was able to point my essays in the right direction and tailor them to each school with precision. Veritas has met my expectations in every way, and my Veritas Head Consultant surpassed them.