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with SAT Subject and AP Test Experts

Veritas Prep is home to the best SAT and ACT instructors who have all scored in the top 1% on the respective tests they teach. Many of our SAT and ACT instructors also have perfect or near perfect SAT Subject Test and AP test scores in various subjects. These top percentile scores combined with their university study, research, and experience in topics such as biology, physics, history, foreign languages and fine arts, makes Veritas Prep instructors well-equipped to help students boost their scores on these important tests.

To qualify to tutor for an SAT Subject Test or AP test, each instructor must be currently doing at least college-level coursework or have previously scored over 760 on the SAT Subject Test or received a perfect 5 on the AP test to be qualified to tutor students in that particular subject.

To see some of the talented profiles of our instructors, view Veritas Prep instructor profiles here.

Areas of Expertise

SAT Subject Tests

AP Tests

Tutoring Packages:


3 hours

Best for doing some
basic review of the topics.



9 hours

The perfect balance of guided study and tutoring.



24 hours

Ideal for those aiming for a perfect score.


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