Manufacturers will often provide after-purchase rebates to consumers who purchase their product from a retailer as an incentive for consumers to buy their products over competitors products.

House Depot, a large home improvement retailer, has several manufacturer rebate promotions on popular home improvement products during the month of July. In order to qualify for the rebates, one must purchase at least the minimum dollar amount for each product according to the table below.

House Depot Manufacturer Rebates on Select Products

 Floor TilesPaintWallpaper
Over $100$20$15$35
Price List for House Depot Home Improvement Products

Lavertine Tiles1 sq. ft. each
16 per pack
Trinoleum Tiles0.5 sq. ft. each
16 per pack
Magic Color Paint32 sq. ft. worth
per can
Rainbow Wallpaper16 sq. ft. per sheet
10 sheets per pack
Cloud Wallpaper10 sq. ft. per sheet
8 sheets per pack
Packaged products cannot be split into individual products.

Scott is planning on upgrading his bathroom. He would like to either paint the walls or install new wallpaper. Which of the following pieces of information would be necessary to determine the after-rebate cost of such a project?

 The length of each wall of the bathroom.
 The surface area of the floor of the bathroom.
 The height of each wall of the bathroom.
 The materials used by other homeowners in his neighborhood on similar projects.

In order to calculate the amount of paint or wallpaper required for the project, Scott needs to know the surface area of each wall. Accordingly, he would need the height and width of each wall (options 1 and 3 in this list). The surface area of the floor does not matter, nor does the type of material used in other nearby bathrooms, as the question stipulates the goal as "to determine the after-rebate cost", not to determine which material to use.