Philadelphia GMAT Prep Courses

It’s always sunny in the classrooms of Veritas Prep’s Philadelphia GMAT courses, where students find themselves enlightened by the wisdom of some of the company’s most-beloved and longest-tenured GMAT tutors. Two of our Philadelphia GMAT tutors have won the city’s coveted “Philly’s Phunniest comedian” award, bringing entertainment and enthusiasm to their expertise to help you progress toward a higher score. And although Allen Iverson may disagree, practice (yes, we’re talking about practice) makes perfect, so our Philadelphia GMAT students are equipped with 12 full-length practice tests and over 1,500 practice problems. Learn more about how Veritas Prep is helping turn the land of 76ers into the land of 760s..

Meet One of Our Philadelphia GMAT Tutors

Neil Moakley - MBA, Temple University

From SAT tutoring to fencing instruction, Neil has a wide range of teaching experience. He also knows his standardized tests, having scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT, LSAT, and GMAT. Neil brings this knowledge to his Veritas Prep classes to create lessons that lead to not only higher test scores - several of his students have scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT - but also a fundamental understanding of concepts like logic and critical reasoning that can be invaluable in business school and beyond.

Neil was raised in Philadelphia, and has spent three-quarters of his life calling the city home. This means that you can be sure to find local color behind some of his in-class examples, from invalid arguments defending SEPTA public transportation to sound arguments about the Eagles.
Philadelphia Full Course
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Upcoming Philadelphia GMAT Courses

Location Course Format Meets On Course Dates Meeting Time
PhiladelphiaFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Sat Jun 14 - Jul 19 10am - 5pm
PhiladelphiaFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Tue / Thu Jul 15 - Aug 21 7pm - 10pm
PhiladelphiaFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Sat Sep 13 - Oct 18 10am - 5pm
PhiladelphiaFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Sat Nov 08 - Dec 13 10am - 5pm