Free SAT Trial Classes

Have questions about the new SAT format? Want an insider’s look at our advanced live online instruction? Our SAT trial class has you covered.

Innovative Classroom

Veritas Prep’s SAT trial classes will introduce you to the SAT, and dispel some commonly held myths about the test. Over the course of two hours, one of Veritas Prep’s 99th percentile SAT instructors will teach some of the most effective techniques and strategies for the major sections of the SAT: Math, Writing, Critical Reading, and the SAT Essay. After attending this class, you will leave with powerful tips and strategies for the SAT, and will understand why preparation is so important for this test.

Your Host: Beau Borrero

Beau is a Connecticut Yankee and professional musician currently living in New Mexico. During his senior year in high school, Beau enrolled in an SAT prep course and improved his SAT score by more than 300 points. He was immediately hired as an instructor and taught for more than 10 years. Beau has experienced firsthand what a great SAT teacher can do for a motivated student, and he has a true passion for teaching students how to ace the SAT.

“It’s an amazing program that will surely benefit you if you need help studying for the SAT. All the material is very useful and the strategies were easy to grasp. My instructor was great and very supportive. I feel more prepared than ever for the exam.”

- Christopher R.

This 2-hour session includes:

99 th Percentile Instruction: Instruction by one of our 99th percentile tutors, who will teach you key facts about the SAT to help you boost your score right away
The Veritas Prep Methodology: Emphases on what you can do to take advantage of what you already know
Some of our most powerful strategies for the SAT Essay, Math, Writing and Reading Passages sections
Opportunity to ask specific questions about the SAT, or review any concepts not already covered, in live time