New York GMAT Prep Courses

More students attend our New York City GMAT course than attend any of our other 90+ locations worldwide. New York attracts some of the brightest minds in the world, including some of the smartest and most engaging instructors who love to lead Veritas Prep’s Manhattan GMAT classes. We offer a breadth of New York GMAT preparation options, so we guarantee that you will find one that fits your needs.
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Meet One of Our New York GMAT Tutors

New York GMAT Tutor

Chris Kane

Perhaps the most famous and sought after GMAT instructor in Manhattan.

Prior to becoming a GMAT instructor, Chris was an accomplished rock climbing guide, a member of Yosemite’s Search and Rescue Team, and served as the president of a climbing school in Acadia National Park, Maine. Notable ascents include five routes of El Capitan and a host of first ascents across North America and Canada. His teaching ability and style has grown from a decade of introducing people to climbing and helping them achieve goals far beyond their expectations.

These days, Chris is a veteran New York GMAT tutor who has taught more than 60 Veritas Prep courses and helped hundreds of students successfully prepare for the GMAT in Manhattan. With his in-depth knowledge of the test and years of teaching experience, he has continuously helped Veritas Prep improve and update their approach to the GMAT as the test evolves. Ask a few people who know, and you will probably meet someone who has taken Chris’s Manhattan GMAT course. Chris is a graduate of Stanford University.
New York Full Course
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New York GMAT Course Locations

Right on top of Grand Central Station

Our New York GMAT courses are held in a very convenient location, regardless of where you’re coming from: The Grand Hyatt in the heart of the city.

Excellent Classrooms

With comfortable seating, optimal lighting, and even fresh water at each seat, our Grand Hyatt classroom provides you with an ideal learning environment for your GMAT classes. Step inside from the bustle of Midtown Manhattan and clear your mind with a quiet, inspirational study space.

Upcoming New York GMAT Courses

Location Course Format Meets On Course Dates Meeting Time
Manhattan - Upper EastACT 36 - $750 (syllabus) Sat / Sun Apr 26 - Jun 01 9am - 12pm
ManhattanFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Tue / Thu May 06 - Jun 12 7pm - 10pm
ManhattanFree Trial Class - $0 Tue May 06 7pm - 10pm
New BrunswickFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Sat May 10 - Jun 14 10am - 5pm
ManhattanFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Sat May 10 - Jun 14 10am - 5pm
ManhattanImmersion Course - $1800 (syllabus) Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri / Sat / Sun May 25 - May 31 9am - 4pm
ManhattanFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Mon / Wed Jun 02 - Jul 09 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Manhattan - Upper EastACT 36 - $750 (syllabus) Sat / Sun Jun 06 - Jul 13 9am - 12pm
Manhattan - Upper EastACT 36 - $750 (syllabus) Sat / Sun Jul 07 - Aug 13 9am - 12pm
New BrunswickFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Tue / Thu Jul 15 - Aug 21 7pm - 10pm
ManhattanFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Tue / Thu Jul 15 - Aug 21 7pm - 10pm