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If you want to maximize your GMAT score, then Veritas Prep is the clear choice for you. We offer an elite GMAT prep course in Montreal, where every instructor has personally scored in the 99th percentile on the official exam. We also offer private GMAT tutoring and more group courses using our cutting-edge Live Online platform. With 36 hours of in-class instruction, 12-full length practice tests and more than 1,500 practice problems, the Veritas Prep Montreal GMAT course is truly one of a kind. Scroll down to find a GMAT course near you.

Why you’ll love Veritas Prep:


What I liked most about my tutor was that he made sure I understood every problem even if it meant trying to explain a problem 3 or 4 different ways. He made sure it clicked.


Veritas’s philosophy to “think like the test maker” really helps to re-examine the questions and understand the best approach to each problem. I felt far more confident on exam day knowing how to approach every problem on the test.


The resources that were available through Veritas are absolutely amazing. They offer 12 practice tests and each question that is missed on the practice test has a very detailed explanation that refers back to parts of the lessons. Amazing!


Another great reason to sign up with Veritas, is that you can retake the entire course a second time if you need to. Definitely a great perk to brush up on certain subjects that may be more difficult to absorb.

Montreal GMAT
Course Schedule

April 4 - May 11

Tuesdays, Thursdays
7pm - 10pm
380 rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Montreal, QC H3A 0B1
In person: Full Course | $1,650 CAD or 3 payments of $567 CAD

June 12 - July 19

Mondays, Wednesdays
7pm - 10pm
380 rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Montreal, QC H3A 0B1
In person: Full Course | $1,650 CAD or 3 payments of $567 CAD

March 25 - April 30

Saturdays, Sundays
12pm - 3pm (EDT)
Live Online
A fully interactive online classroom; live instruction.
Live Online | $1,650 or 3 payments of $567 Explore our new Live Online platform »

Apr 4 - May 11 T/Th 7-10pm

Ron Awad
$1,650 CAD

Jun 12 - Jul 19 M/W 7-10pm

Ron Awad
$1,650 CAD

Mar 25 - Apr 30 S/Su 12pm - 3pm (EDT)

Ravi Sreerama
Live Online


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BSc, McGill
MBA, Concordia
Which is your favorite lesson to teach?
My favorite class to teach is Advanced Verbal, which is lesson 9 in the curriculum. We cover advanced concepts in Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction and Reading Comprehension, all in the same class. I find that's really the class where we lay bare the GMAT's entire verbal strategy, how the exam tries to trip you up. In football terms, it's the equivalent of having Bill Belichick's alleged Spygate tapes a few weeks before test day. You've got the whole playbook at your fingertips. On game day, you may not necessarily win by 4 touchdowns, but you won't be blindsided by much.

What is your favorite quote?
I believe I've successfully propagated a quote I heard attributed to Veritas Prep's own Bill Robinson that the less math I do, the better I am at math. Math on the GMAT is so frequently about logic that I may start a petition for a name change. Often the exam questions contain portions such as is 4/7 > 26/53. Before you start trying to put them both on a common denominator (371, FYI), recognize that 4/7 is more than half while 26/53 isn't. Little differences can make the difference between getting the question right in 1 minute and getting the question right in 15 seconds.

Which movie/TV character would do best on the GMAT and why?
Tyrion Lannister would ace the GMAT, if such a thing existed in Westeros. While the older Jamie was known as the attractive one, Tyrion was undoubtedly the clever brother. In season 2 of the TV show Game of Thrones, Tyrion wasn't sure who he could trust, so he told three separate stories to three different advisors and then waited to see which story would get leaked to the queen. Using this cunning ruse, Tyrion could quickly ascertain who he could trust and who would be sent to the dungeon. The same logical approach will demystify critical reasoning traps as well as data sufficiency questions. You may not be the king of the seven kingdoms, but you'll be the king of the GMAT.

Real reviews

Made me want to come to class even when I  was exhausted
Funniest guy I've ever met. Made me want to come to class even when I  was exhausted and didn't feel like it. Gave us some great tips and  tricks and taught in a way that I will remember them. Great class, great experience!
Ron was an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and motivating instructor.
Ron was an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and motivating instructor. I would definitely retake the course knowing he would be the instructor.

He had a lot of enthusiasm as was very patient with us.
Ron did a great job introducing us to the material which he was very knowledgeable on. He had a lot of enthusiasm as was very patient with us. I learnt a lot of little tricks from Ron which I know will come in handy when I write. He was always open for any questions as really helped create a great learning experience.

Education: BS, UC Berkeley | JD, USC | MBA, UCLA
What do you love about teaching?
Making a difference. Sometimes it's big, sometimes it's small. But in the end, you're always making a difference. And when you see your students achieve that success, you can't help but feel proud that you played a part in that process.

What is your favorite Veritas Prep success story?
The Chef! I learned on the first day of class that he was a high-school dropout who never went to college. So, I pulled him aside during a break and I told him that he would have to change his attitude if he wanted to achieve success with the GMAT. He was going to have to listen to me instead of those demons from his past. But if he could not do that, he should walk out right then and there. Fortunately, he said that he would try - which is all I could truly ask at that point. Over the following weeks, I motivated him to work hard and he succeeded... in a big way, ultimately scoring 760 and getting into INSEAD!

Real reviews

Apart from his great teaching style, he kept the class motivated.
I took some of these trials with other companies and I can say I was easily bored after 1 hour. But not on Ravi's class. Apart from his great teaching style, he kept the class motivated. He made me try harder on each question one after the other. He reached out to everyone in the class and made sure that we understood where we did wrong and what we could do to avoid mistakes and I think that was the most important thing. He made sure everyone was satisfied at the end of the class and the show up to the classes represented that. It was a very dynamic class with everyone helping each other out and some of us are still in touch, helping each other with GMAT problems.

Ravi was easily one of the best teachers I have ever had.
I have never learned more from any other class I have taken in my history as a student. Ravi was easily one of the best teachers I have ever had. Ravi knew the ins and outs of every problem and explained his reasoning extremely well. I wouldn't recommend any other course or teacher if you are preparing to take the GMAT.

Ravi makes the GMAT looks so much more approachable.
As an international student non-native speaker, I was having a hard time with the verbal session - more specifically with the Sentence Correction. But after taking Ravi's classes, Sentence Correction became my favorite topic in the Verbal session. It's amazing how Ravi makes the GMAT looks so much more approachable. The way he teaches and explains all the GMAT stuffs is spectacular.