Take Control of the Application Process

One of the most difficult things you will face during the medical school admission process is the lack of control. Many application components are set in stone or out of your hands entirely, while the supplemental essays will force you to tailor your responses. The AMCAS personal statement is the first and best chance to take complete control of your application story, since you decide the theme and you control your opportunity to speak to the admissions committee. This makes the personal statement of paramount importance on an AMCAS application.

It all starts with the MD Game Plan™, Veritas Prep’s customized approach to perfecting your application strategy. With this strategic plan in hand, your admissions consultant will help you craft the most powerful and persuasive writing sample possible and to explain exactly why you are the ideal fit for a wide variety of medical schools. Most importantly, your consultant will help you ensure that your AMCAS is the proper setup for the supplemental essays and interview opportunities to follow.

While they all possess extensive critical writing experience, Veritas Prep admissions consultants are not merely editors. Consultants are medical students and graduates from elite medical schools such as Stanford, Yale, Harvard, San Francisco, Northwestern, and Pittsburgh. Moreover, each has completed Veritas Prep’s comprehensive admissions consulting training program, and possesses the strategies necessary to maximize your chances of admissions success.

Medical School Admissions Consultants

Getting into medical school is challenging, even intimidating. Students who have spent years preparing for graduate work and hours in preparation for the MCAT should leave nothing to chance. Veritas Prep’s admissions experts will show you how to make the most of your candidacy with refined personal statements, strategically crafted resumes, and a personalized MD Game Plan™ for attacking the admissions process.

It is beneficial to have partners with expert knowledge, derived from mastering this exact process. The Veritas Prep medical school admissions team features consultants from Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and all of the nation’s elite programs. Additionally, consultants are available from each of the four tiers of medical schools. With Veritas Prep you gain an ally with a M.D. from each of the medical schools to which you are applying.

Using information gathered in the first consultation, your Veritas Prep admissions consultant will design an application game plan tailored to fit your individual needs. Simply select the medical school application you would most like to work on and Veritas Prep will pair you with an expert consultant from that program.

Our team can tell you precisely what admission committees are looking for in a successful candidate because they gained admission to and graduated from these very schools themselves. Our experts can demystify the murky admissions process, offering proven techniques to help you elevate your application materials, take ownership over the process, and give yourself the best possible chance of gaining admission to your school of choice. Contact Veritas Prep to put our expertise to work for you.

Put Our Admissions Experts to Work for You

The medical school admissions process is a grueling competition between hundreds of talented and intelligent future doctors, and the best way to stand out from the crowd is by creating incredible writing samples and by shining during interviews. Admissions officers want to know who you are as a candidate, how you will contribute to their unique programs, and whether you have the requisite skills to thrive within their curriculum. The surest way to lead them to conclusions on each point is to pay careful attention to the essays, personal statements, resumes, and interviews that make up each medical school’s multi-tiered application process, be it the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) or the supplemental applications.

Your needs are different from everyone else’s. Veritas Prep’s expert medical school admissions consultants realize this, and they will assist you in crafting the most powerful and persuasive writing samples possible and to help you explain through interviews exactly why you are the ideal fit for the medical school of your dreams. Each admissions consultant is a published writer or professional editor who is either enrolled in, or who has graduated from the world’s finest medical schools. Our team of consultants includes graduates of programs such as Stanford, Yale, UC San Francisco, and Northwestern, and includes doctors from a variety of career paths.

Meet Our Team

Nick Brandehoff, UC San Francisco Researcher in Cal State Fullerton’s Cancer Disparities Department

Gloria Wu, UC San Francisco A board-certified family practitioner who works with geriatric patients in the Bay Area, did both her med school and residency training at UCSF after graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Biochemistry

Ibrahim Busnaina, Penn Co-Author of Examkrackers’ “How to Get Into Medical School,” Consultant for ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice”

Heather Speller, Yale Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellow, private SAT, GMAT, and MCAT tutor

Luisita Francis, Northwestern Assistant to the Dean of Admissions at Northwestern, residency at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, former medical director of a childhood wellness program

Christiana Tai, Northwestern Re-applicant specialist, tutor and instructor at the Elite Educational Institute, pursuing Masters in Public Health from Northwestern

Robert Noven, Northwestern Instructor of Internal Medicine at Northwestern, President of Executive Medical Services of Chicago, consultant for Federal Occupational Health Services

Henry Bell, Michigan Johns Hopkins Clinical Associate at Howard County General Hospital, former Chief of the Department of Pathology at Martin Army Community Hospital, Course Director of the Medical Laboratory Technician Program

Daria Brooks, Case Western Physician at the Washington Cancer Institute, former professor at the Northwestern Memorial Faculty Foundation

Leah Fuchs, Mount Sinai Admissions committee member at Mount Sinai, summer research fellow, private MCAT tutor for Yale Tutors

Daniel Gibbs, Georgetown Published and peer-reviewed researcher and writer

Sonia Nagda, Florida Former academic advisor at Johns Hopkins, published researcher and writer

Mark Tsai, Pittsburgh Residency at UCLA, Chief Resident and Clinical Instructor at Greater Los Angeles VA Hospital, published researcher and writer, student member of the admissions committee at Pittsburgh School of Medicine