Haas at a Glance

Class size 241

Applications 3,550

Admissions rate 13.2%

Applicant yield 51%

Average GPA 3.62

Average GMAT score 717

Female students 43%

U.S. Minorities 41%

Key deadlines

Round 1

Application due 29 Sep 2016

Decision release 15 Dec 2016

Deposit due 9 Mar 2017

Round 2

Application due 5 Jan 2017

Decision release 23 Mar 2017

Deposit due 4 May 2017

Round 3

Application due 6 Apr 2017

Decision release 11 May 2017

Deposit due 1 Jun 2017

Featured article

Berkeley-Haas Class Profile

Due to its small class size, Berkeley-Haas is one of the most selective MBA programs in the world, bested only by Harvard and Stanford. When the program opens a new building and its class size grows, we anticipate its admission rate to eventually fall in line with other top-10 schools, around 20%.

Most popular articles

Culture & Campus Life: What Haas Is Known For

Beautiful learning environment. Haas students are often envied by the rest of the UC Berkeley community, as Haas is widely known to have the nicest facilities of any school on campus. The Haas building opened in 1995, making it one of the newest at the university. Haas has its own library, career center, auditorium, cafeteria, study area, and extremely large courtyard that has just undergone renovations (see below). Most of the classrooms are currently built to accommodate the intimate 60- to 65-person classes, although cohorts are expected to grow starting in 2016.

Academics: Nuts & Bolts

Core classes. The breadth of Berkeley-Haas’s core curriculum reflects the school’s general management focus. The 12 required courses run the full gamut of B-school disciplines, ranging from Data and Decisions to Ethics to Finance. Most of the core courses are required during the first year of the program, although some may be waived by taking an exam before classes begin.

Admissions: How it works

First, we’ll talk with you about your profile and understand exactly what you’re looking for in a Head Consultant. Based on your personal and professional background, goals, target schools, working style, and personal preferences, we’ll match you with the best Head Consultant for your needs.