Booth at a Glance

Class size 538

Applications 4,175

Admissions rate 24%

Applicant yield 63%

Average GPA 3.59

Average GMAT score 724

Female students 36%

U.S. Minorities 22%

Key deadlines

Round 1

Application due 22 Sep 2016

Decision release 8 Dec 2016

Round 2

Application due 4 Jan 2017

Decision release 16 Mar 2017

Round 3

Application due 4 Apr 2017

Decision release 18 May 2017

Featured article

Booth Class Profile

More than a quarter of the entering class came from finance and an additional 20% from consulting; the overall class is more diverse than you might think, with consumer products, energy, technology, and government/military all strongly represented.

Most popular articles

Snapshot: Chicago Is a Good Fit for You If…

You’re a quant. The wealth of expertise at Chicago Booth puts it among the top three choices of most candidates interested in finance; the school’s data-driven approach extends across the curriculum into areas like marketing and entrepreneurship.

Culture & Campus life: You oughta know

Lack of cohort structure. Because of the flexible curriculum, after the LEAD course, Chicago Booth doesn’t have the strong cohort/learning team structure that you might find in other schools. Instead, teams tend form on an ad hoc basis and vary by class. The benefit is that you end up with broader relationships than you might have at another school, but they might not be quite as deep as if you’d spent your first semester or year with the same tight-knit group.

Admissions: Preparing to apply

Student environment. As one student put it, “We work hard and we play hard.” Chicago Booth offers plenty of opportunities to have fun, but given the rigorous curriculum, the students also hit the books. Sleep is usually the casualty between these forces, with even former investment bankers reporting they have more to do than they have time to do it!