HBS at a Glance

Class size 935

Applications 9,543

Admissions rate 11.0%

Applicant yield 89%

Average GPA 3.67

Average GMAT score 727

Female students 41%

U.S. Minorities 24%

Key deadlines

Round 1

Application due 7 Sep 2016

Decision release 14 Dec 2016

Round 2

Application due 4 Jan 2017

Decision release 22 Mar 2017

Round 3

Application due 3 Apr 2017

Decision release 10 May 2017

Featured article

Harvard Class Profile

Harvard has the largest percentage of STEM majors next to MIT Sloan. 20% of the Class of 2016 came from a technology/health/biotechnology background, which is on par with STEM -- heavy schools such as Stanford.

Most popular articles

Snapshot: What HBS Is Known For

Prestige. Harvard Business School (HBS) is obviously one of the most prestigious graduate business programs in the world. It’s also one of the largest at around 900 students in each graduating class and -- having been founded in 1908 -- one of the oldest. The moment you step foot on the business school campus, you know you’re in a place that’s steeped with Ivy League tradition. There’s something like a thrill in the air to be there, and leaving the program with a Harvard degree will become part of your identity for the rest of your life.

Snapshot: HBS is a good fit if ...

You are a proven leader. With nearly 10,000 applicants a year, HBS clearly looks for strong undergraduate academics, a good GMAT score, and stand-out professional experience. That’s a given. But what sets successful applicants apart is their clear, consistent track record of leadership. Every element of your application will be viewed through this lens, so showcase your leadership skills and experience at every turn!

Admissions: The Online Application Form

As you’re about to see, we’ve dedicated a lot of space in this Essential Guide to our advice on HBS’s online application, and you should view this as an indicator of its importance. As HBS has slimmed down its essays, it has moved some information into the online application instead, so don’t treat this lightly. This form contains the most information used by the admissions board member to determine your fate!