Hourly Consulting Packages
From $250/hr

Veritas Prep offers admissions consulting on an hourly basis to meet a variety of needs and schedules. Whether you’re just starting the process and want to know which law school may be best for you or you are days away from submitting your application and need some professional guidance to perfect your final submission, our experts can provide the advice you need.

Diagnostic Call

After reviewing your Applicant Analysis form and your resume, your Consultant will spend an hour on the phone with you to:
  1. Answer your most pressing questions
  2. Provide an objective evaluation of your
  3. Help you determine next steps

JD Game Plan

Based on your professional, academic, and personal history, your Consultant will show you how to highlight strengths, mitigate weaknesses, and underscore differentiating factors. Armed with a self-awareness that hews more closely to the admissions committee’s perception, you will have a clear plan of attack.


Working from the JD Game Plan™, your Consultant will help you create a personal statement that embodies critical law school themes and that will also ensure that your writing is of the highest quality in regard to grammar and style.

Resume Build

Your Consultant will show you how to build a resume that complements and supports the rest of your application, enabling you to paint a flattering and complete portrait in a confined space.

Letters of Recommendation

Your Consultant will work with you to identify people whose recommendations will add the most value to your application. She will help you design your recommendation requests to elicit the type of letter that will fit the messages that you broadcast throughout your application.

Interview Prep

You will complete two rounds of mock interviews with your Consultant, each with a debriefing with actionable suggestions. You will enter the actual interview with confidence, knowing exactly what to expect, how to present yourself, and how to best respond to any question.