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Houston, the GMAT is no problem! At least not with the aid of some of the world’s finest GMAT tutors – Houston is one of only three cities in which Veritas Prep’s GMAT courses are taught by two Worldwide GMAT Instructor of the Year winners. Veritas Prep’s Houston GMAT course comes equipped with more practice problems, classroom time, and out-of-class student support than that of any major competitor. After all, everything is bigger in Texas – including the GMAT scores! See how we have helped thousands of Houston GMAT students.

Meet One of Our Houston GMAT Tutors

Houston GMAT Tutor

Valerie Browning - University of Texas

A lifelong teacher from a family of educators, Valerie grew up learning, teaching, and promoting programs designed to help schools improve results, and has taught standardized test preparation courses since 1994. Valerie has an analytical mind that refuses to rest: She works with an educational software and publishing company and loves invitation design, painting, calligraphy, and consultations on landscape planning and organic gardening.

In college she pursued math, science, and engineering degrees, and ultimately graduated with a BA in Psychology from Southern Methodist University. Her thirst for further education prompted her to transition from a financial career to receive an MBA from McCombs at the University of Texas, where she focused on marketing and entrepreneurship. She continues to stay active with the school as an alumni interviewer in Houston, and serves as a GMAT instructor, MBA admissions consultant, and Homework Helpline instructor for Veritas Prep, where she is able to transfer her love of learning to hundreds of students. She was named Worldwide GMAT Instructor of the Year in 2006.
Houston Full Course
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Upcoming Houston GMAT Courses

Location Course Format Meets On Course Dates Meeting Time
HoustonFull Course - $1450 (syllabus) Tue / Thu May 06 - Jun 12 7pm - 10pm
HoustonFree Trial Class - $0 Tue May 06 7pm - 10pm
HoustonFull Course - $1450 (syllabus) Mon / Wed Jul 14 - Aug 20 7pm - 10pm
HoustonFull Course - $1450 (syllabus) Sat / Sun Aug 09 - Aug 23 10am - 5pm
HoustonFull Course - $1450 (syllabus) Tue / Thu Sep 09 - Oct 16 7pm - 10pm
HoustonFull Course - $1450 (syllabus) Mon / Wed Nov 03 - Dec 10 7pm - 10pm