Critical Reasoning 1 – Problem 45

45. Daylight Saving Time (DST) was originally conceived by Benjamin Franklin to reduce the costs associate with artificial lighting such as candles. By shifting the “time” of the summer months to one hour later, studies have shown that DST reduces the yearly cost of lighting and small appliances in a home by approximately 4%. Nevertheless, greater energy savings might be realized without DST. Therefore, Daylight Savings Time should be abandoned completely within the United States.

Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the claim above about Daylight Savings Time?

(A) Because of the shift in twilight hours, pedestrians are three times as likely to be hit and killed by cars right after the DST switch.

(B) Some countries straddle international time zones and therefore have fractional time zones, 30 or 45 minutes ahead of their neighbors.

(C) Within the United States, DST is already not observed in Arizona and Hawaii, as well as numerous U.S. Territories.

(D) With the advent of air conditioning devices, the “energy curve” in the summer months means DST causes a net increase in U.S. electricity costs.

(E) The more DST becomes embedded in technology like computers and media players, the higher the cost will be to change back to a non-DST system.

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