HBS 2+2 Program

The HBS 2+2 Program invites undergraduate students who have completed their junior year of college to apply for deferred admission to Harvard Business School. Aspiring applicants who are admitted are guaranteed a future spot at Harvard Business School after successfully graduating undergrad and completing two years of work experience at a participating employer.

The HBS 2+2 Program was launched to encourage high achieving undergraduate students who are not on a “business track,” to pursue careers in business. The program targets students focused on non-business concentrations such as engineering, liberal arts, science etc.

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Years of Experience in Helping Students Gain Admission to the HBS 2+2 Program

Why Apply to the HBS 2+2 Program?

HBS 2+2 Program Eligibility and Requirements

HBS 2+2 Program Application Process

HBS 2+2 Program Application Components

HBS 2+2 ProgramTM is a registered trademark of the President and Fellows of Harvard College.