How the GMAT Is Different

The GMAT is an entrance exam, not an exit exam. Most tests that you have taken you have been able to study for largely by investing time in learning the knowledge base. The GMAT, however, tests not “what you know” but “how you think”, and so memory/recall study habits are less effective.

How the Veritas Prep GMAT Course Is Different from the Rest

Veritas Prep goes well beyond the common tips, tricks, and shortcuts that can only take you so far on the GMAT. More so than any other GMAT prep provider, we have designed our course to teach you to think like the testmaker, emphasizing logical decision-making, efficient problem-solving, and proactive strategy. These are the skills that the GMAT measures, and you will build these same abilities throughout the Veritas Prep GMAT course.

Why Our Approach Leads
to High Scores

The GMAT is still a standardized test with a standardized set of questions, concepts, and trap answers. That is why you will learn to think like the testmaker, gaining insight into the ways that the GMAT will set traps and obscure concepts to show you a difficult exam. With an insider’s knowledge of the way the test is written, you will confidently break apart problems to their basic elements and unlock your highest score potential.