Everything You Need to Achieve a High GMAT Score

Since 2002 Veritas Prep has trained more than 50,000 GMAT students, and our philosophy has never changed: With the right training and enough resources, anyone can reach their maximum potential on the GMAT. That’s why we have assembled the most GMAT prep resources available to students anywhere, including:

More Classroom Hours to Cover Everything You Need

Because the Veritas Prep program is longer than those of its rivals, Veritas Prep instructors are able to start at an elementary level and progress to advanced concepts without skipping anything in between. This proven approach gives Veritas Prep students the confidence and skill to attack even the most challenging problems. GMAT prep programs that attempt to cover the entire exam too quickly can only provide superficial coverage of the important topics, putting their students at a distinct disadvantage.

The hallmark of the Veritas Prep curriculum is a balance between content and strategy. The GMAT is not a math test or a grammar test; it is a reasoning test that asks questions via the language of algebra, geometry, verb tenses and logical comparisons. The comprehensive Veritas Prep syllabus allows students to learn and master content and then apply it to ever-important GMAT strategy, understanding the big picture behind GMAT questions while having all of the individual tools necessary to solve each problem.

15 GMAT Practice Tests

Performing well on the GMAT requires two things: The right approach to the test and enough practice to ensure that you have a strong grasp of that approach. As you learn the higher-order thinking skills that Veritas Prep teaches in its GMAT courses, you will be able to measure your progress on 15 computer-adaptive practice tests. With so many tests, there’s no need to economize or save some practice tests until right before test day; we ensure that you have more than enough opportunity to train yourself for test day.

On the GMAT, unlike traditional exams, you cannot skip difficult problems and then revisit them later. Therefore, it is incredibly important that you not only learn how to attack every single problem as efficiently as possible but also know when you need to cut your losses, make an educated guess, and move on to the next problem.

Finishing too early can be just as harmful as not finishing, as additional time cannot be used to return to check your work. The best way to perfect this big-picture timing is to work through multiple GMAT practice tests to perfect your pacing, which is why we offer more practice tests than anyone.

Online GMAT Practice Problem Sets

As a Veritas Prep student, you won’t blindly keep taking practice tests until you achieve a score that you like. Online problem sets in your student account closely link your online GMAT practice with your course books, giving you one single place to focus your attention as you put to work the lessons that you learn in class. You will work through the problem sets over the course of your 12 Veritas Prep GMAT lessons. By the time you complete your problem sets, you will be well versed in all of the higher-order thinking skills required to succeed on the GMAT.

GMAT Homework Support 7 Days a Week

Have a question about something you learned in class? Stuck on a homework problem? No need to bang your head against a wall or cruise anonymous message boards, hoping to find the answer. Simply attend Veritas Prep’s Live Online Office hours and work through problems with a live instructor in a small-group setting, every day of the week. Or, if you’d prefer, send in your question by email or post it on our students-only online forum, and the same GMAT experts will get back to you right away.

Review the Entire Course Online, Anytime

As a Veritas Prep GMAT student you receive unlimited access to Veritas Prep on Demand™, our entire 36-hour GMAT course available for online viewing through your student account. Whether you miss a class or want to brush up on a specific subject area, Veritas Prep on Demand™ is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the Veritas Prep GMAT methodology on your own schedule.

MBA Admissions Workshop Included

We don’t just want to help you get a great score on the GMAT — we want you to get into your target MBA program, which is why every live Veritas Prep GMAT course includes the MBA Admissions Workshop at no additional charge. This in-depth seminar introduces the renowned Veritas Prep MBA Game Plan™ and other proven MBA application techniques in a bonus three-hour session.

Myers-Briggs® MBA Game Plan™

In an exclusive relationship with the Myers-Briggs experts, we co-authored the Personalized MBA Game Plan™ Powered by the Myers-Briggs® Assessment, offered free-of-charge to every Veritas Prep GMAT student. You will gain personal insights on your strengths and weaknesses along the key dimensions that MBA admissions officers use to evaluate candidates. Learn which aspects of your unique profile to highlight in your applications to gain admission to the world’s elite MBA programs.

No-Hassle GMAT Course Retake Policy

You can retake your Veritas Prep GMAT course for any reason, no questions asked, for up to one year from the time you enroll. Not happy with your GMAT score? Did work keep you too busy to study enough for the test? Just don’t feel ready to take the GMAT yet? Just call Veritas Prep and we’ll gladly put you in another course. There are no homework or attendance requirement, and no strings attached. No GMAT prep company offers a friendlier course retake policy.

One Year of Membership

When you enroll, you receive all of the above for 12 months – including the computer-adaptive practice tests, online problem sets, Veritas Prep on Demand™, homework help, and MBA Workshop. If your schedule changes or you decide to take the GMAT again, no problem. Just give us a call. You’re part of the Veritas Prep family, and we’ll do everything we can to help you earn a great GMAT score and get into your dream MBA program.

GMAT Experts at Your Beck and Call

Veritas Prep offers a variety of resources outside of the classroom to help students both during their course and after it finishes. For one year from the start of a student’s class, she will get access to all of the support resources that Veritas Prep offers.

Live Online Office Hours

Veritas Prep’s Live Online Office Hours allows students to work through problems with a live instructor in a small-group setting, every day of the week. Instructors are available for two hours each day in the dynamic Live Online classroom, which allows for verbal explanations as well as visual, whiteboard-style demonstrations and interactive student commentary. It is available:

Available All Week, in Multiple Formats

Additional support is available 24 hours a day with the 24/7 Veritas Prep Online GMAT Help™ system. Students may also submit their questions via their personalized TrueTrack™ account at any time, day or night. A member of the Veritas Prep staff will answer questions promptly and thoroughly. The Veritas Prep Forum is also available to all students. Monitored by Veritas Prep GMAT instructors and admissions consultants, students can post questions about specific GMAT problems and even get advice about their MBA applications.

Access for 1 Year

Veritas Prep students get full access to every resource for one full year. Additional monthly access can be purchased if needed. If your schedule changes or you find that you’re not able to keep up with the program, just give us a call. We’re here to help you excel on the GMAT on your own schedule, not ours.

As the GMAT Evolves, so Do We

In June, 2012, the Graduate Management Admission Council introduced the Next Generation GMAT, which introduced the new GMAT Integrated Reasoning section. Veritas Prep has always taught its students the higher-order thinking skills needed to excel on the GMAT, and these same skills are exactly what you need to do well on the new test. Veritas Prep was one of the first test preparation companies to incorporate Integrated Reasoning into its curriculum, and has established a growing bank of Integrated Reasoning practice questions to help students prepare for the new section.

Maximize Your GMAT Score

All of the resources needed to master each area of the GMAT are organized in such a way to make total mastery not only achievable, but highly likely, which is why we can offer the industry’s most generous GMAT Score Guarantee and course retake policy. Veritas Prep has completely deconstructed the GMAT by problem type and subject area, and you can rest assured that your lesson books and world-class faculty will guide you to a focused and efficient approach that will ultimately maximize your GMAT score.

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