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Lissette and Brian Veritas Prep On Demand

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Veritas Prep GMAT On Demand is a complete 30-day self-study system designed to get you the best GMAT score. Created by Veritas Prep Vice President of Academics Brian Galvin, the program includes 12 interactive lessons that use scientifically designed educational techniques complemented with a detailed study plan, personalized progress guides, and realistic GMAT practice tests.
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All video lessons are available streaming online or for permanent download and are viewable on your computer, iPad, and iPhone. Watch it at home, on the subway, on a plane, anywhere. Rewind, pause, fast forward, and prepare for the GMAT at your own pace. Each lesson is split into subsections of no more than 30 minutes, so you can squeeze study time into your busy schedule. Free trial »

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Created by head GMAT prep instructor Brian Galvin, the 12 brain-stimulating video lesson program also includes the full set of Veritas Prep books, 6 practice tests to help track your progress, a detailed and interactive online GMAT study plan, and much more. What’s included:

  • 12 lessons in High Definition video
  • 24 hours of actual video play time
  • Viewable on your computer (PC or Mac), iPad, and iPhone
  • 12 lesson booklets
  • 6 computer adaptive practice tests
  • Online student account with study plan
  • 3,000 GMAT practice problems and solutions
  • Limited time: Get 15 Veritas Prep MBA Guides ($450 value)
Order Now 3 monthly payments of $233 $200.
Or select a single payment option during checkout.

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