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GMAT student success stories

Every day new emails from over-the-moon students are circulated around our office. A common water cooler conversation might go something like “Hey I just heard Andrew Cable got into Stanford!” or “You see Kate Rowat got a 760 on Saturday?!” As you go through what could be one of the most stressful periods of your life, you can rest easy knowing you have a team of caring folks who will bend over backwards for you. When you ace the GMAT, we cheer. When you get into a top-ranked business school, we really do celebrate at Veritas Prep headquarters. And when you give us a great GMAT course review, we beam with pride. Meet our team »

I had been studying for the GMAT for over a year by the time I finally got the competitive score that I needed: a 680. I began studying before I deployed to Iraq, taking the exam in February of 2011, receiving a 610. Not one to give up, I continued studying overseas, taking the exam again in late February of 2012 and getting another 610. I was disappointed.

I contacted Veritas, let them know my situation and my timeline (one month) and they paired me up immediately with a great tutor. The tutor just so happened to shared my military background. He was extremely knowledgeable and flexible, and I could tell that he genuinely cared about both me as a person and my performance on the exam. So much so, that he took time out of his busy schedule to meet me at the testing center and personally give me a pep talk before the big exam.

I know that this may not seem like a lot, but extra efforts like these are pivotal in pushing through plateaus. I raised my score by 70 points in 30 days. I would highly recommend both Veritas Prep to anyone who is serious about getting into a top MBA program.

1LT Gary Travis,
Washington DC

I took my GMAT today and got an unofficial score of 760!!! I wanted to thank you very much for your advice and instruction. I found the Veritas Prep class extremely helpful and now it has opened many doors for me. The techniques you taught us really paid off for me. I used your advice on writing a formula cheat sheet during the tutorial and came up with an acronym for the formulas I wanted to have easy reference to. I used QuITFFASE (Quadratic Formula, Interest formulas, triangle properties, factoring/reduction hints, common fractions, area and volume formulas, statistics formulas, common exponents). SWIMMER, IMPACTS, and STAMP became second nature for me. I did two diagnostics and six full practice tests before I took the actual exam. I actually started studying out of some other GMAT prep books in November of 2004. Although the books did help, I firmly believe that the Veritas Prep course pushed me into the 700 range. If I had to do it all over, I would gladly take the Veritas Prep course again. Again, thank you so much. I am still euphoric about my test results. I would emphatically recommend the Veritas Prep course to anyone that wants to get a high GMAT score.

Dennis Frantsve,
Chicago, IL

The Veritas Prep Course is structured like a robust tutoring session for the elite students. It focuses on the fundamentals in the beginning which is imperative in order to build upon deeper and more challenging subjects ahead. I like how each book is separate and structured for learning one key concept every lesson. This helps students to not get overwhelmed by all the material at once, but rather handle the GMAT in bite-sized chunks.

I've taken Kaplan and Kaplan Advanced, but I found that the Veritas Prep course gave me a better grounding for success. The lazy genius sections remind us of taking shortcuts once we have learned our fundamentals. Whereas Kaplan and Princeton Review focus on the shortcuts first. After focusing on each section separately then combining my skills with the shortcuts, I was able to score in my target range better than I ever did before. Thank you Veritas and the wonderful authors of the books.

Mayur Patel,
San Diego, CA

My experience with the Veritas GMAT class in San Francisco was phenomenal. I went into the class with less than two months to study for the GMAT and only one chance to take the test if I was to apply for Fall 2005. The quality of my instructor really made the class unique. I had trouble with my testing speed often skipping up to 8 questions on the verbal section, and my instructor gave me very useful tips for increasing my productivity. On test day I finished all questions with a few minutes to spare! My instructor on several occasions raised key insights or question types not addressed in the material, going the extra mile to enhance the Veritas program. Overall the class provided the structure I needed to master the material and test taking strategies in a short amount of time, and the quality of my instructor provided the resources for me to get the score I wanted. I started out on my first PowerPrep test with a score of 560; my second PowerPrep score was 660, then on test day I scored a 730!

David Chan,
San Francisco, CA

I would recommend a Veritas Prep course to my friends and colleagues. My instructors were both extremely smart, but also practical. They have a long history with the GMAT which really helps a person like me, who took the class and took the exam one week after finishing the class. I didn't have the time to go through all of the questions that I possibly could have so I had to prioritize and make choices due to my work schedule... I think Veritas and my instructor specifically helped me do that effectively. Additionally, the Veritas Prep staff is outstanding. They are all competent and easy to contact and communicate with. I always received email replies quickly. I also found the added benefits to be extremely helpful, such as a set of graded AWA essays.

Janice Javier

My Veritas Prep instructor was committed and had a total control over the class. I liked that he highlighted more difficult problems in class as oppose to going over the study material. He was able to introduce us to alternative ways of thinking about a problem, and made us aware that we need to be ready to attack a problem in a number of ways, e.g. backsolving. He also was able to maintain a wonderfully positive energy throughout the duration of the course. I could also tell that he is very familiar with Veritas teaching material and the concepts that are generally tested on the GMAT. I enjoyed the class and I know I made the right choice in choosing Veritas Prep over some other test prep courses offered in Manhattan.

Aziza Jamgerchinova,
New York

My experience with Veritas has been outstanding! I participated in the 7-week online, interactive course, and any hesitation I may have had with this medium was immediately reversed in the first 10 minutes of the first class! The instructor made all participants feel welcomed and relaxed, and the white board, chat process, and other technical features all worked together to create a professional and effective experience for the learner. The written materials, online resources, practice tests, and 'Veritas Prep on Demand' are excellent resources as I prepare for my GMAT exam. I would not be at this stage of preparation and confidence without Veritas' products and staff.

Molly Poleto,
New York, NY

I just completed my first GMAT sitting and I'm glad to say that it will also be my last! Even after weeks of devoted studies, I entered the exam relatively nervous but at the same time excited. After the grueling four hour examination, I was pleasantly surprised by the score and could not be happier. I was fortunately able to score in the 94th percentile with a 720, and I attribute a lot of it to Veritas Prep.

With this weight lifted off my shoulder, I can confidently approach my Harvard 2+2 application. I am one step closer to achieving this, now more tangible, dream. Thank you again for all your support, encouragement and for partnering with me to make this happen.

Taniel Chan,
New York, NY

I've been in the Veritas 7-week prep course in London for about 4 weeks now, and I wanted to let you know that I have found our instructor to be nothing short of impressive. It is clear that he has a significant amount of experience with the GMAT and that he is genuinely interested in the subject matter, the admissions process, management education in general, and (most importantly) the performance of his students. He has proven to be a most impressive instructor. He often supplements the standard curriculum with other suggestions that have proven very valuable, and his up-to-date understanding of the business school admissions process gives him a unique perspective on our preparations. It is safe to say, even without having taken the GMAT yet, that I believe my scores will be much higher than they would have been without Veritas' course.

Robert Olmstead,
London, England

I took the Veritas Live Online course and could not have been happier with it. My instructor really knew the GMAT inside and out and would boil each question down to explain exactly what the GMAT was looking to test. Because of this, I was confident that I had the tools and ability to answer every question correctly, and I could literally hear his voice on test day as I went through the questions. The Veritas Prep books are great as well. I pretty much studied only from the Veritas materials which are filled with tons of practice questions so similar to the ones on the real thing. I broke the 700 barrier with a 740 on test day and could not have done it without Veritas! Thank you!

Lindsey Whang,
Los Angeles, CA

I looked forward to applying to PhD Programs, but I knew I needed to improve my GMAT score to be competitive at the elite institutions. Thanks to the Veritas coursework and my knowledgeable instructor, I feel more than confident that my GMAT score allows me to apply anywhere. My Veritas instructor added a tremendous amount of value to the class. He knew the subject matter very well, and as a well rounded individual could offer advice about business school and other things as well. I came away from the class realizing that the instructor is probably 80 percent of the value of taking a GMAT review course. I have heard several stories about terrible instructors for review courses, and I was hoping my experience would not be the same. I would definitely personally recommend taking the Veritas course.

Steven Fannin,
Chicago, IL

I would like to say that Veritas Prep helped me immensely towards my goal of a 700+ GMAT score. I had dealt with Princeton Review in the past, and the Veritas experience was light years ahead of Princeton. Veritas teaches you the material you need to succeed. This method forces you to know the material cold, if you put in the work during class. There is so much material to use and learn that you become a GMAT expert, which definitely boosts your confidence on test day. My teacher was extremely bright and able to explain even the most difficult questions in a way that made sense. The number of practice tests at our disposal was also really critical to my success. I highly recommend Veritas, and it helped me get from a 640 to a 720 on my GMAT. Thank you very much Veritas.

Dustin Liron,
Puerto Rico

I took Veritas Prep's full course in Los Angeles and it helped to significantly raise my score by 50 points! My instructor was able to explain even the most difficult problems and by the end of the class I felt ready for anything on the GMAT. Besides the instructor, I also found the Veritas materials to be very well organized and the office staff was a pleasure to deal with. I really enjoyed my experience with Veritas and I strongly recommend it to any serious applicant.

Andy Matthews,
Los Angeles, CA

THANK YOU VERITAS! I wanted to thank you for helping me to achieve a score I truly never believed was possible! I never got above a 660 in a practice exam, but walked away with a 750 on my test this morning! (49 Q, 42V) I truly believe that the Veritas course gives the student all the necessary preparatory materials to achieve a stellar score -- but it doesn't exempt the student from lots of hard work! I probably did 95% of the homework and all but 2 of the practice exams. But overall - the greatest benefit I got from your course was the confidence that I prepared myself as best as I could. Thanks again - I'm so pleased I chose Veritas!!!

Stacie Hogya,
Pittsburgh, PA

I did self-study for a month before my first test with Manhattan GMAT materials. I took the test and scored a 400 [29V (56%), 13Q (2%), 4.0 AWA] in late July. I took the Veritas class in the fall and found the Veritas materials were much closer to what I actually saw on the GMAT. I took it again and scored a 630 [37V (83%), 39Q (57%), 5.0 AWA] in early December. I was admitted to Stanford, Kellogg, and Haas; denied or waitlisted nowhere. My candidacy went from being impossible to being competitive because of your help, and I'm happy to report that I'm heading to the Stanford Graduate School of Business in the fall.

Tiy Goddard,
Palo Alto, CA

One of the main reasons that I chose Veritas over the other GMAT prep places is that every tutor has scored in the 99th percentile. For me that was very important because I needed to have confidence in the advice my tutor was giving me. On top of this, my tutor was amazing, tailoring our sessions to my specific weaknesses, and, in the process, we went over so many problems that I learned almost all the tricks employed by the ETS and watched out for them on test day. I have nothing but good things to say about my tutor, and I attribute my 780 in large part to his help, confidence, and patience.

Robby Banks,
Washington, DC

I believe that I have taken the best GMAT course preparation. I couldn't imagine any other way. The course materials, practice tests, homework help and the Veritas Prep On Demand pre-recorded lessons are incredibly helpful. The resources provided by Veritas have led to a significant improvement in my GMAT score. Thanks for the fantastic Instructors, they were amazing. I am very happy to have chosen Veritas Prep!

Solange Carvalho

My instructor kept an upbeat pace which, given the nature of the material, was important. He gave every student equal attention. He adeptly tailored questions to each student's level of understanding and comprehension without overwhelming the student. The condensed Weekend course, although intensive, was an excellent means of brushing up for the GMAT. It allowed for a quick, yet thorough, review of the different test subjects and formats. It was a great way to refine my knowledge because there were ample opportunities to practice in class with immediate feedback. I am glad I chose Veritas.

Tarinder Tiwana,
Seattle, WA

I'm writing to thank you for providing me with an outstanding GMAT prep experience. After three-plus years in the Army, I had lost touch with most of the material covered in the quantitative section of the test. My tutor was patient with me and optimistic that I could significantly improve my quant score, despite the fact that I was undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer. I'm excited to report that this past week, not only did I achieve my goal of hitting the 700 mark on the GMAT, but I also found out that I'm cancer-free! There's no way

Aaron Kletzing,
Chicago, IL

I recently took your Weekend GMAT Course in Tysons Corner, Virginia. I registered after scoring below my expectations on the GMAT and wanted to achieve a higher score. Using your materials and practice tests as well as the study techniques that were taught to me by your instructors, I scored 120 points higher on my second exam and will now be applying to programs that are nationally recognized. Thank you for the excellent support. Veritas is certainly worth the investment to anyone who wants to score better on the GMAT.

Adam Siegel,
Tysons Corner, VA

The course was incredibly in-depth and there was so much practice material I couldn't even get through it all. Some of the strategies are pretty advanced, but I really took advantage of the phone support. The instructors answering the phone know their stuff; I used it almost every week of the course and for almost a month after the course was finished. Thank you Veritas, not only for outstanding classes, but also for offering so much support outside the classroom! I'll definitely recommend you to my friends.

John Portwood,
Los Angeles, CA

This probably does not come as a surprise to you, but my instructor clearly demonstrated all of the qualities of a world-class teacher. His thorough understanding of the topics and ability to communicate concepts from various perspectives/angles enabled him to pull the students in closer. He quickly identified weaknesses and provided strategies and approaches to combat those individual challenges. The instructor was genuinely concerned about our progress and success. What more can you ask for?

Jason Khan,
Washington, DC

Presenting shortcuts and simple ways to solve problems was particularly useful. The lessons were structured extremely well, and the solutions provided in class were clear. The Veritas class structure made for an outstanding experience. The instructor was very knowledgeable and flexible. The design of each class and the utilization of many smaller booklets instead of one are unbeatable! I would strongly recommend this course to everybody who is interested in getting a good GMAT score!

Anna Partyka,
Philadelphia, PA

Dear Veritas, I just wanted to highly commend the efforts of my recent tutor. With his excellent help, I was able to obtain a score of 700 on my GMAT (48 Q, 38 V). The instructional manuals were an outstanding resource, and my instructor clearly made a significant impact on my overall score... especially since I hadn't been able to break the 650 mark on previous exams. Thank you, I will highly recommend Veritas to any colleagues who may require assistance in studying for the GMAT.

Peter Spenuzza,
Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted to share some good news with you. I just took the GMAT and scored a 760... 99th percentile! Many thanks to you for hooking me up with the GMAT course here in Manhattan. I know it helped a lot!

Jake Nicholson,
New York, NY

Were it not for the services of Veritas, I simply would not be as prepared. Their methodical approach to learning the material, coupled with the well-qualified instructors has left me better prepared and more confident than I would have been otherwise. Thanks Veritas!

Ryan Barringer,
Palo Alto, CA

Veritas is the most professional test prep company I have used, period. Their website, practice materials, professional courtesy and availability are unparalleled. Oh, and the instructor was excellent. Thank you, Veritas.

Matt Lucido,
Santa Monica, CA

Veritas Prep raised my GMAT score by 120 points and helped me perfect my application!

Anna Luiza,
Attending Michigan (Ross)

I just received the official score report in the mail today! The unofficial 710 still stands (!) and the AWA score is 5.5 (90th percentile), but I won't have adequately celebrated my results until I've taken the instructor and his wife out for dinner!

Katerina Mavroidis,
Hanover, MD

I attended your GMAT course in the fall. I originally took the test and I scored 600 (quite low in the verbal section). I retook it after the Veritas course and I scored 700. I just wanted to tell you that I am very grateful, Veritas was an essential ingredient in my high score.

Emilio Gomez-Villalva,
Chicago, IL

My instructor was excellent. I especially appreciated his wit and humor - it kept class interesting during some of the endless drills. He quickly mastered everyone's name, which was nice. The Veritas methodology, combined with the incredible density of practice materials and in-class attention, provides the diligent student with the confidence necessary to approach the test with anticipation rather than anxiety. Bring it on!

Michael Cole,
Palo Alto, CA

The bottom line is that my instructor knew his stuff. If you are ready to work hard and break 650, Veritas has all of the tools you need to do it.

Sean Kelly,
New York City, NY

My instructor was fantastic! She simplified things that seemed impossible to understand. She was patient and very helpful in eliminating personal fears. I'm glad that she was my instructor, and I think that any Veritas student would benefit from her knowledge. Veritas offers a great course for GMAT preparation. I came in fearing complete failure, but now I'm certain that I'll do better than I ever dreamed possible. Thank you for building my confidence and improving my ability.

Renee Miller,
Richmond, VA

I think that the combination of a great on-line teacher, a virtual community of classmates, on-line learning and excellent materials (I love the subject books!) is the only way that I could have come this far in my GMAT journey.

Holland O'Donnell,
Pittsburgh, PA

My instructor's ability exceeded my expectations. I was concerned that a 99th percentile GMAT scorer would have difficulty delivering the Veritas material in an effective way or have a personality not conducive to a good classroom atmosphere. I was wrong on both counts. Not only did my instructor do as good a job as anyone could, he made coming to class a fun and rewarding experience! I give him a 10!

Robert Bonds,
Raleigh, NC

I took the GMAT on Monday and I scored a 710. Unbelievable! Thanks for all of your help with the GMAT; I think this opens a lot of doors for me in my future.

Justin King,
Chicago, IL

I was in the New Haven Veritas GMAT class. Being an instructor myself, I think I am qualified to assess his pedagogical skills. Among the instructor's several fine skills, I was particularly impressed with the following: his preparation before class; his clear sense of purpose; his clear and concise language; the due attention he paid to each student; and his use of inductive and deductive methods. In addition, he always made certain that each student participated.

Ahalya Desikan,
New Haven, CT

My instructor was extremely helpful with both the verbal and quantitative sections. He was very skilled at breaking down the more complex problems, which other instructors often find difficult. I would recommend Veritas to others.

Ron Cedillos,
Newport Beach, CA

I just wanted to send a thank you to Veritas, this past Saturday I took the GMAT and got a score of 650! This was a 120 point increase over the first time I took the exam. My tutor was great and really helped me target my weaknesses to bring up my score.

Paul Roth,
Pittsburgh, PA

Just a quick note to extend to you my sincere gratitude for the great help you offered during our brief training course. Total: 780. All those hours we spent on the basics of maths have paid off.

Ming Yao,
Salt Lake City, UT

My instructor was very clear and organized. She was very concerned that no one left with any questions. I came from a non-English speaking country, so the course helped me very much to understand what I would face on the GMAT. The Veritas GMAT prep course was very helpful.

Elena Leon,
Toronto, Canada

The Veritas strategies in Critical Reasoning are outstanding! I focused on the Challenge questions and that ultimately contributed to my score improvement.

Chris Tuitt,
St. Louis, MI

My instructor did an excellent job in leading the class through sea of problems. I am very glad to have participated in the Veritas GMAT prep course. These sessions improved my verbal skills and helped build my confidence in answering high-level mathematical questions.

Max Spektor,
New York City, NY

The instructor was very skilled at breaking down difficult concepts and making them easy to understand. In addition, he made sure that each student followed all of the concepts, or he would take the time to explain everything in even greater detail.

Saijil Khatri,
Washington, DC

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in achieving a high score on the GMAT. I would have been lost without Veritas and would have wasted time and money and retaking the GMAT to get the desired result.

Michael Mikende,
New York City, NY

Veritas has an awesome faculty. I was not fortunate enough to learn the skills of cracking the GMAT before I met with the experts at Veritas, but I have that knowledge now. I highly recommend Veritas to anyone who sincerely wants to get high score on the GMAT.

Deepak Jha,
Palo Alto, CA

Veritas offers an excellent course for international students. Thanks!!

Alejandro Henco,
Atlanta, GA

When I took the test back before the Veritas Prep course I scored a 660. After Veritas Prep, I improved my score to 730 (45 on Math and 45 on Verbal).

Daniel Fleming,
Palo Alto, CA

The instructor's method and tips were particularly useful. Nothing was confusing. Nothing was disappointing. The books, materials and class hours were great. Study hard; rely on your instructors to help you get over GMAT hurdles, and then practice, practice, practice. Veritas will help you achieve your ideal goal.

Rosie Chaulla,
Philadelphia, PA

My instructor did a wonderful job and has showed a genuine care for how I performed on the GMAT. I would recommend him and the Veritas system to anyone interested in taking the GMAT. Thank you for taking a confusing and complicated task and making it enjoyable.

Nick Valentino,
Cleveland, OH

The excellence of my instructor at Veritas was unparalleled. He demonstrated mastery of the material and was able to effectively teach powerful GMAT techniques to his students. Veritas also provided me with a vast amount of GMAT material which was essential in practicing the techniques learned in class. In combination, these factors contributed immensely to my optimal performance on the actual test.

Brian Gamido,
San Francisco, CA

I took a Veritas Intensive Course in London in August. I scored 700 yesterday (Q 48, V 37) and thank you again for the confidence and trust that I built in London during that week. I was also spurred on by the friendly competition with the other participants. Nobody with English as a second language can make it without a friendly and knowing instructor able to wade through all those tricks and traps!

Raffaele Lubrano,
London, England

For a structured, stress-free approach to preparing for the GMAT, Veritas is the choice.

Sumit Nagi,
Toronto, Canada

I was very pleased with the Veritas course, especially since it had been so long since I had had any math classes. It had been over ten years since I looked at an algebra book and I have never studied geometry! Obviously the math portion left me very nervous. After taking this course and dedicating time to doing the homework and practice exams, I feel I am better prepared to take to GMAT and earn a score that would enable me to enter one of the top MBA programs I am considering.

Michele Mellott,
Seattle, WA

Veritas offers a well structured course that successfully teaches students how to derive solutions almost intuitively. The course provides the all tools necessary for success, and I found it valuable above and beyond GMAT study.

Anthony Roan,
Chicago, IL

My instructor was wonderful. She was extremely knowledgeable about the GMAT and constantly encouraged the students to do their best. She is the best instructor I have ever had for any test prep course. I would recommend the instructor and the Veritas prep course to anyone.

Dow Huskey,
Miami, FL

Just to let you know I took the GMAT on Thursday and scored a 750. My lowest practice test score was 580. I am absolutely delighted, so thank you very much for all your help.

Shaun Paterson,
London, England

I think Veritas played a crucial role in my preparation for the GMAT. The material was well organized, the location was great and the instructor went above and beyond my expectations. If you are looking to score above 700, take the intensive 42 hour course! I took the GMAT, and I couldn't be happier with my results (well over 700).

Brandon Strand,
Pasadena, CA

I wanted to report that I took the GMAT yesterday and got a 700! I am extremely pleased with that. In fact, it far exceeded my expectations! I would like to thank Veritas for the help that was provided in the course. Now that I know my score, I can say that the course was well worth the price!

Ron Levin,
Phoenix, AZ

The material and instruction method are definitely the BIG advantage for Veritas. Taking the 42 hour course has helped me plan my time well and get a routine going which was challenging for a travelling consultant by day and community worker by night.

Manpreet Anand,
Raleigh, NC

When I signed up for the GMAT, I was nervous about taking it and about being well prepared for it. Now that I have completed the Veritas Prep course, I feel confident and am excited to take the GMAT

Heather Clore,
Columbus, OH

When I first saw my unofficial score report at the test center I was shocked. Last week I received my official score report, and my 710 (Q45, V42, AWA 6.0) still stands! I had started with a 570. I could not have done it without your help. I would like to specifically thank my instructors, both of whom amazed me with their intelligence and ability to relate the material at an understandable level. Thank you Veritas!

Tim Frahme,
Los Angeles, CA

I retook the GMAT last Friday morning and scored 100 points higher after my weekend course with Veritas. I'd like to thank the instructor. He was the best, and I'm grateful for all he showed me. Veritas is a wonderful group and I am truly grateful for all you've done for me.

Andrew Clyde,
Seattle, WA

I would like to provide the strongest possible compliment to Veritas and my instructor. I believe the course is well designed and effective in its mission (to teach the GMAT vs. teach tricks around it), and that it was very well taught. Veritas came highly recommended and I would recommend it to anyone interested in taking a true GMAT prep course. Please keep up the good work.

Steven Burns,
San Francisco, CA

My teacher was enormously competent. Veritas clearly employs the best in the business.

Amit Upadhyay,
Miami, FL

Veritas has a very strong methodology which focuses on building the fundamentals for the individual subject matters. They also have small classes, good instructors and offer a significant amount of time in the classroom.

Matthew Wolfe,
Washington, DC

I stared at the screen in disbelief and nearly started laughing. My hope was a 680 or better; never did I imagine scoring a 760! I had increased my score from 600 to 760. Words cannot describe the elation! I thank you for providing that value I hoped for and helping me obtain a score that should get me into any program I desire. Thank you!

Andrew Tochterman,
Palo Alto, CA

My instructor was always prepared. He was always open to all questions from the class. I would recommend Veritas to anyone looking for the best GMAT review.

Brian Licata,
Chicago, IL

I had studied and taken the GMAT before, but with Veritas I improved my verbal score from the 59th percentile to 85th percentile and maintained my strong quantitative score.

John Muiga,
New York City, NY

Great course, great tools, outstanding choice of instructor.

Russell Mitts,
Austin, TX

Veritas taught me how to thoroughly attack the problems and changed my overall mindset. The instructor was great. He really knew how to teach the concepts, rather than simply go over them. I highly recommend this program to any student considering GMAT prep courses.

Aniqa Tariq,
Raleigh, NC

I had not worked on any quantitative problems in over 10 years, and the quant lessons helped address and strengthen the rules that I had forgotten. The verbal lesson helped fine tune an already decent understanding of argument deconstruction and sentence correction.

Nathan Fay,
Dallas, TX

My instructor was very patient and always took the time to answer student questions. I am truly glad I chose the Veritas course. It was well-structured, the instructor was very knowledgeable, and the manuals are excellent.

Senthilkumaran Kanagaratnam,
Palo Alto, CA

Thanks for the great instruction and strategy tips -- I definitely couldn't have scored a 780 on my own.

Kevin Newell,
Chicago, IL

The tutoring helped me to raise my score by 100 points from my Practice Test to my actual test. I was very pleased with the improvement. My instructor did an excellent job. She provided some great strategies that I was able to implement with minimal training. My hat off to her for the support she provided.

Ben Robinson,
Dallas, TX

I took the test today and score 700! This was really my goal, and there is no way I could have achieved this score without the Veritas course. Thanks for all the help and guidance during and after the class.

Ben Moss,
London, England

I'm writing to offer my heartfelt thanks for this amazing program you've developed. I sat for the GMAT this past weekend and received a score of 740. That's a 140 point improvement from my previous score. Suffice it to say, your preparation materials were essential in helping me make that leap.

Rahul Pushkarna,
New York City, NY

Hello Veritas, I got a 760 (99 percentile) on my GMAT! I could not have done it without the Veritas practice materials, tests and books. Also, my instructor was excellent.

Kala Sivasuv,
New York City, NY

I just wanted to let you know that, thanks in large part to your teaching, I got a 750 on the GMAT! I'm going to be applying to Columbia, USC, and UCLA and hopefully with that score and some good essays I'll be able to get a little bit of scholarship money. Thanks again for the great job you did with our class and hopefully our paths will cross again some day!

Ryan Perry,
Los Angeles, CA

My first GMAT attempt resulted in a 620, which even dropped to a 580 in my second trial. But after working on your materials for several months, I've finally managed to reach a 690 last week. I really appreciate the quality and the volume of materials which you provide through your courses, and I am more confident now in applying for a top level business school. Thank you.

Yutaka Nakajima,

I definitely wanted to spend this time to give you guys a debrief, people whom I believe had a big part in getting the score I did. Thank you so much for your incredible patience with all of the questions I had on... Well, everything! And thank you for your encouragement after the discouraging practice test scores. I thank God for providing me you guys to help me along my journey in the MBA process and hopefully we'll keep in touch!

Samuel Sung,
Los Angeles, CA


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