In-Person Courses


The Veritas Prep Full Course™ is 36 hours long – nearly twice the length of any major competitor’s GMAT® class. With a split between verbal and quant, it’s by far the most comprehensive GMAT class in the industry. And every lesson focuses on one topic, so you never have to worry about switching subjects in the middle of class. Armed with 12 specialized lesson books, you will learn to deconstruct every question so you not only get the right answer, but you know why the other choices are wrong.

The Full Course™ lasts for six weeks, meeting either on two weeknights from 7pm to 10pm (in most cities) or exclusively on Saturdays, from 10am to 5pm. Outside of class, you will also receive pre-recorded lessons of the entire course, thousands of practice questions, online problem sets, full-length computer-adaptive GMAT practice tests, and the best instructor-led support in the industry – all at no extra charge.


The Veritas Prep Immersion Course™ follows the exact same 36 hour syllabus as our 6-week Full Course. The only difference is the meeting schedule: Instead of two lessons per week for six weeks, it covers two lessons per day over seven straight days, Sunday through Saturday (9am-4pm), with a break on Wednesday. Only the most experienced Veritas Prep instructors with a top 10% student evaluation rating are assigned to teach the Immersion Course, so you are guaranteed to get the best curriculum taught by the best instructors.

While the Immersion Course may sound a bit “rushed,” in reality it is quite the opposite. Because everyone attending (including your teacher) will spend the entire week focusing on the GMAT, it means you have more flexibility to work together during breaks and after class.