The foundation:
The world’s best GMAT instructors

Veritas Prep was the first to require all GMAT prep instructors to score in the 99th percentile on the official exam, but that’s the minimum requirement to even apply for a teaching job. A candidate earns an interview by demonstrating teaching experience and a history of helping others. What makes someone Veritas Prep instructor material – and what all our instructors have in common – is proving the ability to teach students how to master the GMAT and to do so with passion and fun. To see who is teaching your own class, find a course near you.

The advantage:
A proven system

Great teachers are a hallmark of the Veritas Prep GMAT course, but what has set more than 100,000 Veritas Prep students ahead of their competition since 2002 are the strategies they learned and how they learned them. The most successful business school applicants are those who effectively demonstrate their higher-order thinking abilities – the very same skills that the GMAT measures. Veritas Prep was the first to recognize this, and our GMAT prep curriculum is the only one built from the ground up with this philosophy in mind. You will learn all the content you need through our Skillbuilders™, but after that is when the fun and high scores start through Learning By Doing™ and Think Like The Testmaker™.
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The bonus:
Intuitive technology

Our online student account takes the face-to-face Veritas Prep experience and extends it beyond the classroom, to make your study process even easier and more efficient. Access all the tools you need in one place; they’ve never been more useful. The highest quality practice tests in the industry (try a GMAT practice test for yourself) will show you where you stand vs. tens of thousands of other GMAT students, and tell you where you need to improve. HD video recordings of every lesson (see a GMAT course video in action) sit in the cloud so you can review lessons after class at your own pace wherever you are. GMAT prep experts are available every day of the week in a virtual classroom for any GMAT question you may have. Live online classes are conducted using the most advanced online learning platform in the industry. And it all comes with your GMAT course, for no additional cost. See what else is included »

Free GMAT Practice Test

“Veritas Prep has developed the most robust testing system I have seen in the test prep industry. Their practice tests provide a truly authentic test experience for students.”

- Lawrence M. Rudner, PhD, MBA. Former Chief Psychometrician at GMAC and the definitive authority on the GMAT exam

The results:
Rated #1

Veritas Prep has the highest rated GMAT test prep course. Why? First, we ask 100% of our students how we could serve them better. And we always listen. Second, Veritas Prep is the largest GMAT prep & MBA admissions consulting company in the world, so we have the resources to respond and deliver what you need to reach, or often surpass, your GMAT goal.
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