Free Online GMAT Strategy Session

What makes the GMAT such a difficult exam even for high achievers? In this live online session, Veritas Prep will demonstrate what the GMAT is really testing at the 700-level: higher-order thinking. In this hour-long seminar, you’ll see the blueprint behind challenging quantitative and verbal problems and learn a few of Veritas Prep’s strategies to help you Think Like the Testmaker.

In this 1 hour session, we will cover the following:

  • Think Like The TestmakerTM: How do the authors of the GMAT make high school-level content tricky for grad students, and how can you be ready for it?
  • The Veritas Prep methodology: Emphases on what you can do to take advantage of what you already know
  • Specific strategies for the Data Sufficiency and Sentence Correction question types, using real data from thousands of students to demonstrate powerful trap answers along with strategies to avoid them
  • Opportunity to ask specific questions about the GMAT, or review any concepts not already covered, in live time

Your host: Aaron Pond

An experienced GMAT instructor, Aaron has been teaching for Veritas Prep since 2006. While the GMAT isn’t rocket science, Aaron could do that, too (his undergraduate degree is in Astrophysics)! Since then, Aaron graduated #1 in his MBA cohort at Brigham Young University and finished his doctoral coursework in Educational Leadership at the University of Utah. Aaron’s engaging teaching style and creative methodologies help students look at questions from a totally different perspective, turning horrendous problems into simple, 20-second solutions. He has the distinction of being Veritas Prep’s 2012 Instructor of the Year.

“Veritas Prep excels in providing students with the essential tools of beating the GMAT. From the simplicity of their online Student Portal to their excellent staff, Veritas Prep is really in a league of its own.”

- Jonathan L.

Why is our course the best for high achievers?

The GMAT doesn’t test whether you know facts, formulas or rules; it tests what you can do with the knowledge that you have. Acquiring that knowledge is the first and most obvious step, but those who seek higher scores need to go a level beyond. So, the Veritas Prep course mixes equal parts content and strategy, teaching you not just to know the material but also how to think like the testmaker™.

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