Calculate Your College Admissions Chances

Curious as to what your chances of getting into a particular college might be? In partnership with Statfuse, Veritas Prep is proud to present the College Chanculator, a college acceptance calculator. Enter some key data on your GPA, test scores, class rank, and other qualities and the Chanculator will crunch the numbers to compare you with a plethora of data from admitted students to your college of choice. While these results are not set in stone, our college admission predictor gives you a good idea of how competitive your application will look to prospective colleges.

Students who are in their junior and senior years in high school may use our college admission calculator to gauge how close they are to meeting the criteria of the colleges they are interested in. The results a student receives from our college admissions calculator can help them to focus in on areas that need attention, such as grade point average, extracurricular activities, language courses, etc. Our College Chanculator makes it easy for students to plan ahead so they’ll be ready to start applying to schools.

There are several ways that a student can improve the feedback they receive from our college admission calculator. For one, they can dedicate themselves to increasing their grade point average in high school. Most colleges and universities place a great deal of importance on a student’s grade point average as well as their class rank. Also, the results of our college acceptance predictor can prompt a student to participate in more extracurricular activities in high school. The number of extracurricular activities a student participates in is a factor in the decision of many college admissions offices. Also, a student can take the necessary steps to improve their SAT score. At Veritas Prep, we offer online SAT prep courses that can greatly increase a student’s scores. We teach practical strategies to students that allow them to study in an efficient way. Also, we provide test-taking tips that can help a student to save time while taking the SAT. With our resources and expert instructors, a student can work toward the results they want to see on our college acceptance calculator. Contact Veritas Prep today and let us help you on your path toward college and your professional goals.