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College Admissions Chanculator
Curious how strong your application looks to a college and what chances you have of getting in? Use the College Admissions Chanculator. Enter some key stats, standardized test scores and personal information and the chanculator will crunch the numbers, compare you to the stats of admitted students and give you an estimate of how likely you are to get admitted!

Free College Application Evaluation
Want to know what your chances are right now of getting into a top college? Need advice on how to improve your odds of admission? Fill out a college application profile form and an expert college admissions expert will review your profile and give you a candid evaluation of your strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement for college admissions success!

Early Decision and Early Action in College Admissions
Learn the difference between types of early college applications and how to leverage each type to your advantage. This article contains an overview of the process as well as links to useful resources.

College Admissions Essays
Learn how to write an A+ admissions essay with these college application essay writing tips and resources.

Valuable Writing Tips
Our Guide to Writing for College contains advice on how to take all of those thoughts bouncing around in your head and turn them into compelling, succinct essays.

Creating A Great Resume
We cover everything about resume writing in our Student’s Guide to Writing a Resume. Start here if you have questions about resume content, style, and formatting.

Student Loan Information
Visit our Online Guide to Student Scholarships and Loans for the skinny on the college student loan process. We cover everything from FAFSA to Pell Grants to private loans.

Test Preparation and Resources for Applied Computer Science
If you’re interested in pursuing a career in applied computer science, these resources are a great place to start for learning about the various fields of study and career paths you can pursue.

Best College Essay Preparation Tips
Many college professors want to see a style and quality of writing that you may not have mastered in high school. Our college essay tips will show you six steps you should take when writing and editing any college essay.

The Benefits of College Internships
Many employers want to see real, relevant work experience before they will hire you. Here we look at the benefits of college internships and point you to some great resources for landing an internship of your own.

SAT Prep Resources

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Free Online SAT Prep Seminar
Information about the Veritas Prep SAT 2400 program and insider tips about the SAT itself. Register here.

SAT Math Resources
SAT Algebra tips and links to useful resources.

SAT Reading Resources
Tips for the SAT Reading and Writing sections as well as links to useful resources.

Online SAT Test Prep Resources
Links to online references for general test preparation.

Preparing for the PSAT
Information about the PSAT and how to prepare for it. Also includes information on the key similarities and differences between the SAT and PSAT.

Overcoming SAT Anxiety
Are you stressed about how you will perform on exam day? Take a look at these valuable test preparation & test taking skills.

Learn the Quadratic Equation
Our Academic Guide to the Quadratic Equation gives you a nice overview of one equation every high school student should know.

SAT and ACT Prep and Practice
Take a look at our guide for step-by-step instructions on how to set yourself up for standardized test success, whether you take the SAT or ACT.

Comparing the SAT and ACT
Are you trying to decide which college entrance exam is a better fit for you? We compare the SAT and ACT here and help you decide.

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