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Veritas Prep’s college admissions consultants know what it takes to get into the country’s most competitive universities. Their years of experience mean that they know what makes an application stand out, and which pitfalls to avoid. From perfecting your college admissions essays to improving your Common Application to getting you ready for your high-stakes admissions interviews, our college admissions counselors will guide you every step of the way.

Additionally, before you submit your application, a Veritas Prep admissions consulting director – who has worked on the admissions committee at a top-tier university and has reviewed thousands of applications just like your own – will review your final work and offer the kinds of insights and suggestions that can take you from a “Maybe” to a “Yes!” in a college admissions officer’s eyes.

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As Seen on Hallmark Channel

Veritas Prep’s Director of SAT Programs, Shaan Patel, was asked to share his SAT expertise with viewers of The Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family show. Debunking common SAT myths that both parents and students hold, Shaan provides viewers with critical study tips including why high school math and English classes aren’t enough to prepare students for the SAT and when students should ideally start preparing for the SAT.

“It was great! They were all extremely helpful and the personalized atmosphere made me feel as if everything was geared toward my success. Thank you so much Veritas Prep!”
Neeta Majmudar

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