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Leave nothing to chance.

Veritas Prep pioneered the fixed price, comprehensive approach to business school admissions. When you sign up for a Comprehensive School Package, we only have one goal in mind: getting you into your preferred business schools. We don’t count hours. We don’t limit our responsibilities. We are on your team and will keep working with you day after day until you submit flawless applications. Meet our consultants »

How to get started:

Our 3-School Package is the most popular option among Veritas Prep clients. We use a scientifically proven pairing process to find the best Head Consultant for you. (Read more about Myers-Briggs® personality type.) On average, our MBA admissions consultants earn more than 4.7 out of 5 stars from their clients. Within three business days, you and your consultant will get started. Payment plans available. Click “Checkout” to see options.

Looking to improve your GMAT score? Bundle your GMAT Prep and MBA Admissions Consulting and save as much as $3000!


  • 1-School Package $4,300
  • 2-School Package $5,600
  • 3-School Package $6,900
  • 4-School Package $8,100
  • 5-School Package $9,200
  • 6-School Package $10,300
  • 7-School Package $11,400
  • 8-School Package $12,500




You may add an additional school to your existing package for $1,500.

What you get with
Comprehensive School Packages

1. Getting to know you.

  • Step 1: Log into your personal Veritas Prep Application Manager™
  • Step 2: Complete your Client Profile and Head Consultant preferences
  • Step 3: Complete the Myers-Briggs® Personalized MBA Game Plan™ assessment

2. Matching you.

  • Step 1: Connect with your hand-picked Head Consultant™ for an initial diagnostic call
  • Step 2: Your Head Consultant analyzes your Client Profile and Personalized MBA Game Plan™ Part I to identify the key differentiators and red flags in your profile.
  • Step 3: Research MBA programs using Veritas Prep Essential Guides and select your target schools with your Head Consultant
  • Step 4: Select School Specialists for each top-tier school with your Head Consultant

3. Plan of attack.

  • Step 1: Establish an end-to-end timeline and action plan with your Head Consultant
  • Step 2: Your Head Consultant delivers your Personalized MBA Game Plan, Part II: Your Application Strategy
  • Step 3: Troubleshoot problem areas and adjust target schools, if necessary

4. Essay analysis.

  • Step 1: Brainstorm and outline your application essays with your Head Consultant
  • Step 2: Conduct your first strategy call with your Specialist for the target school
  • Step 3: Application strategy is reviewed by a member of our Ultimate Admissions Committee™ (a former Director or Associate Director of Admissions)

5. Application creation.

  • Step 1: Craft an MBA resume with feedback from your Head Consultant
  • Step 2: Work with your Head Consultant to select and prepare your ideal recommenders
  • Step 3: Write your initial essay drafts
  • Step 4: Your Head Consultant reviews multiple drafts of each essay, providing an insider’s perspective and feedback on everything from compelling content to organizational structure, grammar and spelling.

6. Ensuring fit.

  • Step 1: Each application is reviewed by your School Specialist to ensure fit with the program
  • Step 2: Your School Specialist provides verbal and/or written feedback on your application to provide an insider’s perspective from the school
  • Step 3: Application tweaks are made with your Head Consultant

7. Ensuring quality.

  • Step 1: Applications are presented to the Ultimate Admissions Committee™
  • Step 2: The committee’s feedback is reviewed together with Head Consultant and final application tweaks made
  • Step 3: Applications submitted!

8. Closing the deal.

  • Step 1: School-specific mock interviews conducted with your Specialists
  • Step 2: If applicable, waitlist assistance and navigation
  • Step 3: Champagne popping!

Admissions Consulting + GMAT Prep Bundles

Only at Veritas Prep can you combine elite GMAT prep with the world’s most experienced team of admissions consultants to maximize your chances at the most selective MBA programs. Plus, you’ll save a ton of money! Choose from our four most popular bundles below, or build your customized bundle to perfectly meet your needs and budget.

Tier I

GMAT Full Course

2 Hours
Admissions Consulting

$1,950 Save $300

Tier II

GMAT Full Course

1-School Package

$5,300 Save $650

Tier IV

36 Hours of Tutoring
Plus GMAT Full Course

3-School Package

$12,700 Save $2,840

“I had a great time working with Veritas Prep. My head consultant was great at positioning and crafting concise and meaningful stories. The support that I got from him was instrumental in achieving this important milestone in my life.”
Mahmoud A.
Comprehensive School Package
Attending Stanford Graduate School of Business
“My experience with Veritas Prep has been nothing short of amazing and I have no reservations in strongly recommending its consulting services. My Head Consultant was very detail oriented, ethical, and responsive. He knew his subject well and never sugar-coated the facts for me. Both my Head Consultant and School Specialist turned out to be MBAs from the school I was applying to, so it was nice icing on the cake!”
Raj K.
Comprehensive School Package
Attending Wharton

“I can write any number of long-winded statements about the value of Veritas Prep, but, to keep it simple, I would not have gotten into my number one school if it weren’t for them.”
Hassan M.
Comprehensive School Package
Attending Harvard

“Applying to business school can be a daunting and challenging process, but I can say with confidence that it was because of Veritas Prep’s expertise, hard work, and leadership that I was able to secure numerous interviews.”
Kris T.
Comprehensive School Package
Attending Wharton

“My head consultant was excellent. She gave me the harsh dose of reality I needed while at the same time being very constructive and positive. I felt like she truly cared about me and took extra steps to help ensure my success.”
Evan D.
Comprehensive School Package
Attending Kellogg

“Looking back on the admissions process, I can say with 100% certainty that reaching out to Veritas Prep was the best decision I could have made. Working with my head consultant was like working with a close friend who truly cares about my success. She was unbelievably knowledgeable and provided invaluable guidance and tactical feedback on my applications.”
Joe R.
Comprehensive School Package
Attending Haas

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