Leave nothing to chance.

Veritas Prep pioneered the fixed price, comprehensive approach to business school admissions. When you sign up for a Comprehensive School Package, we only have one goal in mind: getting you into your preferred business schools. We don’t count hours. We don’t limit our responsibilities. We are on your team and will keep working with you day after day until you submit flawless applications. Meet our consultants »

How to get started

Our 4-School Package is the most popular option among Veritas Prep clients. We use a scientifically proven pairing process to find the best Head Consultant for you. On average, our MBA admissions consultants earn more than 4.8 out of 5 stars from their clients. Within three business days, you and your consultant will get started. Payment plans available. Click “Checkout” to see options.

Looking to improve your GMAT score? Bundle your GMAT Prep and MBA Admissions Consulting and save on both!


  • 1-School Package$4,700
  • 2-School Package$6,200
  • 3-School Package$7,300
  • 4-School Package$8,400
  • 5-School Package$9,400
  • 6-School Package$10,400
  • 7-School Package$11,400
  • 8-School Package$12,400




You may add an additional school to your existing package for $1,500.

How it works

To get the process started, you’ll submit your profile information and Personalized MBA Game Plan™ assessment within the Application Manager™. We then connect you with the best Head Consultant for your needs based on your requests, background, goals, target programs and personal working style.

Your Team

Head Consultant

Your Head Consultant has formal admissions experience from a top tier program and is your primary contact, personal project manager, coach and advocate. From resume review to recommender selection, he or she is with you every step of the way through your MBA application.

School Specialist

Your School Specialists attended and have up-to-date insider knowledge on the top-tier programs you are applying to. Your specialists will work with you early on in the process to help you understand specific programs, and later help you demonstrate how you’re a good fit.

Ultimate Admissions Committee

If your applications are complete at least two weeks before school deadlines, you’ll submit them to our Ultimate Admissions Committee for final review and feedback. This group comprises former Directors and Associate Directors of admissions at top-tier MBA programs.

Your Process


Using your Personalized MBA Game Plan™ your Head Consultant will help you identify differentiators in your story and potential red flags. With our unparalleled research of every top program, you’ll receive goal guidance and school selection insight from your Head Consultant.

Strategy and Essays

Your team of consultants will help you craft quality essays that show both fit and uniqueness. Your Head Consultant will work with you on multiple drafts of your essays until they are complete. Your School Specialists will also provide essay reviews to ensure perfectly tailored essays for each individual school.

Closing the Deal

Your Schools Specialists will prepare you for your interviews. If necessary, your Head Consultant can help you navigate the waitlist process. Time to pop the champagne!

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