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Why you should start your applications early

Across the board, MBA admissions officers recommend that you apply in the earliest round you can – as long as you’re submitting your best possible application. Particularly for candidates from overrepresented industries such as finance and consulting, later round applicants can be at a significant disadvantage. The Veritas Prep First Mover Advantage means that you begin working now on your applications, in time to submit the best application possible by Round 1.

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How can my consultant help me now?

Unlike the so-called “comprehensive” services you find elsewhere, your Veritas Prep Comprehensive School Package has no asterisks, fine print or strings attached. We don’t count hours and we’re with you from start to finish until your applications are perfect. Even before the schools release their updated essays, your consultant can work with you to significantly improve your applications, such as helping you to:

  • Find the ideal programs for your personal and professional goals, even some you may not currently consider.
  • Thoroughly research your target schools beyond rankings and school websites.
  • Maximize the value of your campus visits, information sessions, and conversations with students and alumni.
  • Prepare your recommenders to write stellar letters on your behalf.
  • Join special-interest organizations that provide financial aid.
  • Craft your resume to emphasize accomplishments that will resonate with the admissions committee.

MBA admissions officers look for candidates who have performed a high level of due diligence around their life-changing decisions to attend business school. Your Head Consultant will be there every step of the way, so take full advantage of his or her insights!

Don’t just explain your weaknesses – work to improve them.

Your Veritas Prep Head Consultant is much more than just an essay editor. Every Head Consultant has firsthand MBA admissions experience at a top-tier business school, so they know what admissions officers are looking for. When you get started early, they can provide a detailed evaluation of every element of your profile and provide concrete ways to improve any weaknesses. This might include tackling a new project with your volunteer organization, taking a calculus course from your local community college, or retaking the GMAT with the proper strategy to raise your score. There are numerous strategies to improve your application profile, and as a First Mover, you have time to implement them!

Free First Mover Workshops

First Tuesday and Wednesday of May, June, and July.

What is covered:

  • 10 mission-critical tasks you can complete right now to ensure stellar applications in the fall
  • The 3 ways admissions officers will evaluate you
  • The 4 Dimensions of a Perfect Applicant™
  • Biggest mistakes MBA applicants make
  • Why MBA programs proudly deny 800 GMAT scorers every year - and how to avoid it

How to attend:

Select a Workshop and we will send you a link with instructions on how to attend.

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The First Mover Workshop is conducted by Travis Morgan, Director of Admissions Consulting for Veritas Prep. Travis will hold a brief Q&A session after the workshop in which you can ask questions and receive immediate feedback.

Submit your applications to our Ultimate Admissions Committee first.

Our Ultimate Admissions Committee is comprised of former Directors and Associate Directors of admissions from top tier MBA programs. They have 75 years of combined experience leading MBA admissions committees and have made admissions decisions on over 50,000 MBA applicants! Comprehensive School Package clients have an opportunity to submit their final applications to our Ultimate Admissions Committee for final review and feedback. But only clients who have their applications ready at least two weeks ahead of deadlines are guaranteed this opportunity. First Movers complete their applications with enough time to not only receive a review from one of our Directors, but also have ample time to work with their Head Consultant to implement the feedback.

Secure your ideal consultant now.

With the lowest client-to consultant ratio in the industry, Veritas Prep ensures your consultant is solely focused on your success. However, this also means that many of our consultants can get booked up early. We will ensure you work with a consultant who best fits with your personal and professional background, career goals, target schools, and working style so they can clearly understand your story and know how to best portray it to the admissions committee. As a First Mover, you’ll work with the ideal consultant for your needs so that your applications truly shine. Find your consultant now!

Bundle your preparation and save thousands.

Many applicants spend months preparing for the GMAT, knowing that they will start their businss school applications later on. First Movers can take advantage of Veritas Prep’s top-rated GMAT Prep + Admissions Consulting bundles, saving thousands of dollars up front. You can choose from our most popular bundles below or customize your own.

Tier I

GMAT Full Course

2 Hours
Admissions Consulting

$1,950 Save $300

Tier II

GMAT Full Course

1-School Package

$4,900 Save $650

Tier IV

38 Hours of Tutoring
Plus GMAT Full Course

3-School Package

$12,300 Save $2,840

Avoid late application pitfalls.

In an exclusive Veritas Prep survey, we asked the top 30 MBA admissions officers to name the most common mistakes they see in MBA applications. Their #1 response: careless errors. Admissions officers view your application as a reflection of your commitment, so careless errors can doom your chances for admissions. However, let’s face it, most of us love to procrastinate! About 80% of MBA applications are submitted within three days of each deadline, most within 24 hours. These rushed, last-minute applications are often rife with careless errors – a missing comma here, an incorrect spelling of “they’re” there. By starting the process early, your Veritas Prep Head Consultant can help you craft your Personalized MBA Game Plan™, providing structure to the application process and ensuring there is plenty of time to catch careless mistakes and add the perfect polish before you hit “Submit.”

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